The world’s worst places to work

We think Ho Chi Minh City is a pretty nice place to live and work, but some others don’t think so, rating it 9th worst place in the world to work, mostly because of “disease and sanitation.”

And Hanoi is rated 11th, for the same reason.

Neighboring Singapore, on the other hand, is ranked #26 on the “Best places to live.”

We’re not sure how they measure this, but here’s what they say:

No. 9 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Overall Grade: High Risk Location

Major Problems: Disease & Sanitation

Other Problems: Climate, Pollution, Medical Facilities, Infrastructure, Crime

No. 11 Hanoi, Vietnam
Overall Grade: High Risk Location

Major Problem: Disease & Sanitation

Other Problems: Medical Facilities, Infrastructure, Political & Social Environment, Culture & Recreation

Best places to live
In Mercer Consulting’s Annual Quality of Living Survey, Europe once again dominates the list of 215 countries around the world. The top three cities are, by rank, Vienna, Zurich (last years winner), and Geneva. Commonwealth nations fare pretty well, too, winning 9 of the top 30 spots—even though London comes in only at 38. The U.S. also fares poorly, barely making it into the top 30 with Honolulu and San Francisco in the bottom two places. The top city in Southeast Asia is Singapore, at No.26. No cities from Africa or South America are in the top 30. The bottom? Baghdad once again comes in at 215.

Worst places to work
ORC Worldwide recently compiled for BusinessWeek a ranking of 55 cities (the top 20 of which make up this slide show) outside the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe that might qualify as hardship posts based on a set of criteria that includes levels of pollution, disease, political violence, and availability of goods and services. The list doesn’t include some cities that are so obviously challenging—because of war or international isolation—that they’re in another league when it comes to hardship posts. For that reason, you won’t find Baghdad or Harare or Pyongyang on ORC’s list. You will find, though, cities in Africa, Southeast Asia, India, China, Central Asia, and the Middle East.