Thu, Oct 28, English Language Fluency Program

Exclusively for Employees and Families of AmCham Companies

Event Background

English is a critical skill for employees of Vietnamese and foreign companies who want to grow internationally. It is also critical for Vietnamese professionals who want to participate in AmCham events.

But mastering oral English can be expensive and time consuming. Many students throughout the world, including Vietnamese, have studied English in the traditional way and still lack basic conversation skills.

With the specific aim to dramatically improve learners’ listening and speaking for use in business as well as socializing with foreigners, we are announcing the launch of The AmCham English Fluency Program

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The AmCham English Fluency Program takes a unique approach of combining a computer technology and native teacher in facilitator role. The focus is on listening and speaking with true confidence. It is highly effective, convenient, and very reasonably priced. This is the first of several special benefits which AmCham will offer its members. AmCham is especially interested in increasing the ability of the Vietnamese members to participate more in our networking events, and also improving their ability to do business with American companies.

Come in for a fun demonstration, competition, and a brief talk on the neurological reasons why a person can study English for many years and still not speak it well.

There will be a great chance to network and also to win great lucky draw prizes, including three months of English Fluency Program lessons free of charge.

Special feature of the event: “So you think you can master spoken English?” – Bring your company’s best Vietnamese speaker of English to compete in the computer speaking test!

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to master spoken English efficiently and inexpensively, or has staff members that must speak English.

Event schedule

5:30pm Registration
6:00pm Welcome & Introduction
. Presentation, followed by Q&A
7:00pm Business Networking,
. with hors d’oeuvres, free flow beer, soft drink, water
. and special competition, activities, and lucky draw !!
8:30pm Event ends


Member: vnd 400,000/ea. w/ reservation Non-member/Walk-in: VND 600,000/ea

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Computer Placement Test Fee: Free

Members, please sign-in and register online to enjoy member rates. Due to security reasons we would encourage all participants to register online. Reservations / cancellations must be received by 24 hours in advance of the event, because of financial commitments with the venue. No shows will be billed.

About the speaker

Chris Albright and his colleagues at Axcela are experts in the brain-based approach to English fluency. This approach is based on supervised listening and speaking practice rather than memorization of grammar rules and vocabulary, and heavy use of text.

Chris is the Managing Director of Axcela and Chairman of the AmCham Workforce Development Committee. He has lived in Vietnam for 7 years, working the entire time in the education and training sector. A native of California, Chris earned his Bachelors Degree at Stanford University, then attended The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his MBA in Finance.

Axcela delivers English fluency programs for some of Vietnam’s most highly respected companies as well as busy executives and public students.

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