U.S.-Japan trade talks delayed by push for China deal

Agricultural products, including dairy, are expected to be one of the main topics in a Japan-U.S. bilateral trade agreement.

TOKYO — Japan and the U.S. are struggling to lay out a timeline for negotiations toward a bilateral trade agreement as Washington focuses its energies on securing a deal with Beijing. The first meeting will likely not come until at least early May Read more

U.S.-China Trade Agreement Implementation Measures

USTR Robert Lighthizer, the lead U.S. trade negotiator, said the United States is seeking monthly meetings for lower-level officials, quarterly meetings at the vice ministerial level and semiannual meetings at the ministerial level for the enforcement process. Read more

Experts to China: cooperate or South China Sea fisheries may collapse

More than half the fishing vessels in the world operate in the South China Sea, where sovereign rights have been an object of fierce contention among bordering countries.
Scientists have been warning that the sea is fast becoming the site of an environmental disaster, the impending collapse of one of the world’s most productive fisheries. Read more