New York’s Ban on Big Sodas Is Rejected by Final Court

SODAweb-master180The NY City ban on jumbo sugary soft drinks is officially dead.

In a 20-page opinion, Judge Eugene F. Pigott Jr. of the NY State Court of Appeals wrote that the city’s Board of Health “exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority” in enacting the proposal, which was championed by former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal, which polls showed was opposed by a majority of New Yorkers, set off a global debate over soda consumption when it was announced in May 2012. Read more

Letter to Government re proposed excise tax on carbonated soft drinks, Jun 2, 2014

Summary: “We recommend that the Government of Vietnam remove “non-alcoholic carbonated sweetened beverage” from the Draft Law on Excise Tax because: (1) Carbonation (CO2) in carbonated sweetened beverages is not harmful to human health; (2) The proposed excise tax on only “carbonated sweetened beverages” would be discriminatory, and would violate WTO commitments on “national treatment;” (3) the proposed excise tax on carbonated sweetened beverages would not increase tax revenue significantly, but would be disruptive and damaging to the beverage industry, as well as the economy; and (4) Vietnam would become the first and only country to impose an excise tax solely on sweetened carbonated beverages.” Read more

FAQ: How can I find a list of U.S “Process Verified” suppliers of meats and poultry?

Question: Do you know who is importing frozen chicken drum sticks? Or should I contact the US Deptartment of Agriculture? My client  is interested in purchasing direct from a U.S. supplier.  Or, if there is an importer/distributor that has established relationships with U.S. suppliers, maybe that would be more efficient. Do you have a list of importers/distributors of USA poultry? Read more

Ministry of Finance sets powdered milk prices

MoF sets milk pricesIs Vietnam a non-market economy?

The Ministry of Finance has issued a decision imposing price ceilings on 25 powdered milk products for children under six years old. The decision, issued May 20, will be effective 10 days later, on June 1 and must be applied no later than 10 days to wholesale products and no later than 20 days to retail products. Read more

Mekong Delta urged to reform plans to attract more investors

Mekong Delta urged to reformYasuzumi Hirotaka, JETRO CEO, said that he had taken part in many conferences about the issue, but nothing changed in reality. Although the Delta has abundant marine products, cheap labour and land-use costs, its marine industry was not advanced technologically, and its market and customer base are poorly developed. In addition, the low quality of infrastructure and services at industrial parks, the lack of local parts and materials, and poor transportation remained challenges in the area. Read more

Fizzy drinks excise tax threat falls flat: Vietnam Investment Review

F&B Forum, Mar 28, 2014The American Chamber of Commerce and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry recently organized a forum on Vietnam’s food and beverage industry to canvas opinion on the Ministry of Finance’s recent draft amendment to the Excise Tax Law, adding non-alcoholic carbonated drinks to the list of products subject to an excise tax rate of 10 per cent. The ministry claimed that the tax would substantially increase governmental revenue. However, many industry players have opposed the proposal. Read more

ASEAN Harmonization in the Food Sector

ASEAN and the agro-food industry38% of ASEAN’s 620 million population, or 235 million, is involved in the agriculture and food sector. This is the largest employment sector for ASEAN. As the majority of ASEAN countries rely heavily on the sector for growth, trade, investment and employment, free flow of agriculture and food products within ASEAN becomes a necessity. There is enormous potential for intra-ASEAN trade  if ASEAN is able to achieve harmonization of standards and is able to eliminate the most significant technical barriers in the sector. Read more

Công văn nêu Ý kiến của AFBA Về Thuế tiêu thụ Đặc biệt Đối với Thực phẩm và Nước Giải khát có ga không cồn

ASEAN Food and Beverage Alliance 1Các loại nước giải khát có ga không cồn khác biệt một cách đáng kể so với các sản phẩm chịu thuế tiêu thụ đặc biệt thông thường. Do có những khác biệt này mà nước giải khát có ga không cồn không phù hợp là đối tượng chịu thuế tiêu thụ đặc biệt. Tiếng Anh Read more

ASEAN Food & Beverage Alliance comments on proposed excise tax on carbonated soft drinks

ASEAN Food and Beverage Alliance 1Carbonated non-alcoholic beverages are fundamentally different to normally taxable products. These differences make carbonated non-alcoholic beverages inappropriate products for selective excise duties. Tiếng Việt Read more

McDonald’s opens in Vietnam, Feb 8, 2014

The middle and affluent class (MAC) in Viet Nam will double in size between 2014 and 2020, from 12 million to 33 million, according to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group. In addition, Vietnam’s average per capita income will rise by 240% by 2020. So MAC income in Vietnam may to increase from about $8.6 billion in 2014 to about $57.2 billion in 2020. By then, Vietnam’s MAC population will be two-thirds the size of Thailand’s MAC population. It’s no wonder McDonald’s joined KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger King and many others in opening stores in Vietnam.

Read more