FAQ: How can I find a list of U.S “Process Verified” suppliers of meats and poultry?

Question: Do you know who is importing frozen chicken drum sticks? Or should I contact the US Deptartment of Agriculture? My client  is interested in purchasing direct from a U.S. supplier.  Or, if there is an importer/distributor that has established relationships with U.S. suppliers, maybe that would be more efficient. Do you have a list of importers/distributors of USA poultry? Read more

FAQ: How can I find detailed information on imports into the U.S. by company?


What if you could monitor the goods and raw materials that any company imports into the U.S. the day it crosses U.S. customs? Country of origin? and even company of origin, supplier’s name? There are websites that track the detailed import/export activity at America’s ports. Every vessel that enters and leaves the United States is required to submit shipping records that document its cargo.

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FAQ: How to promote FDI into Vietnam?

A frequently asked question that we often hear from provinces, industrial estates, business associations and others is a request for cooperation in promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam in general, and the province, industrial estate, etc. in particular.

Below are some ideas about how to develop a strategy to promote FDI on a long-term, sustainable basis. Please contact us by email at [email protected] to arrange a meeting for an in-depth discussion of how we can cooperate. Read more

FAQ: Where can I find information about U.S. antidumping cases involving Vietnam?

One of the risk factors of doing business in Vietnam might be the possibility of U.S. antidumping action.

Below are some web site links that provide information about U.S. antidumping in general and cases involving Vietnam and China in particular

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FAQ Travel Stories and Guides

Rusty Compass … an independent guide to Vietnam and Cambodia for people who like to travel with open eyes and minds.
Mark Bowyer – founder

Three Perfect Days / Ho Chi Minh City, published in Sep 2015 in Hemispheres, the magazine of United Airlines, the most award-winning inflight magazine in the United States. From Dec 2010, United Airlines had daily flights to/from Ho Chi Minh City from San Francisco and Chicago, via Hong Kong, since December 2004.

Fodor’s Guide to Ho Chi Minh City. Overview, Sights & Activities, Restaurants, Hotels, Nightlight & The Arts, Shopping, Smart Travel Tips.

New York Times Travel Guides: Ho Chi Minh City.
Articles about travel to Ho Chi Minh City, including where to stay, where to eat, what to do, when to go.

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