HCM City ranked #35 of 100 cities

Vietnam ranked #35 of 100 Bestin the business environment quality-cost rankings of The World’s Most Competitive Cities in 2013, by Site Selection and IBM Global Services. But that ranking is based largely on cost factors rather than business environment quality factors. Click the image to left and scroll to page 3 to see the complete rankings list. Read more

Technical assistance to help Vietnam implement TPP, 2014 – 2018

Kerry and MinhSecretary of State John Kerry announced a technical assistance program for Vietnam to help implement the TPP Commitments during his visit to Vietnam Dec 14-16, “And today, I am happy to announce USAID’s Governance for Inclusive Growth. It’s a program to help implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is not aid. I want to make that clear. This is an investment, and it’s an investment in broad-based and sustainable growth.” Secretary of State John Kerry, Dec 14, 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City.

On Jan 14, USAID signaled its robust support for the U.S.-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership with an event to launch its Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), which outlines the USAID’s development assistance program in Vietnam from 2014 through 2018.  At the event, USAID signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Justice to officially begin USAID’s new “Governance for Inclusive Growth” program. Read more

National Assembly approves amended Constitution

Chủ tịch Quốc hội Nguyễn Sinh HùngThe State economic sector plays the leading role in the socialist-oriented market economy. Besides, the State economic sector includes many factors and resources and State-owned enterprises are just one of these factors. Therefore, the committee said that it is not necessary to make specific regulations for the State economic sector.

Nguyen Sinh Hung, NA chairman and chairman of the Committee for Drafting Amendments to the 1992 Constitution, admitted that different viewpoints remained on some articles of the draft but a majority of people and the NA reached a high level of consensus on the document. Other differing opinions will continue to be heard and studied on the path of national renewal, he said.

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Sherry Boger, Candidate for the Board of Governors, 2013 Annual General Meeting

2005 Stock ImagesSherry Boger
Vietnam General Manager, INTEL CORPORATION

Sherry Boger is the General Manager of Intel Products Vietnam and is responsible for all aspects of the ramp of Intel’s $1B state-of-the art assembly and test facility located in HCMC. The HCMC factory assembles and tests the latest products in Intel’s global supply chain. Prior to coming to Vietnam, Sherry was responsible for Intel’s highest volume chipset operations in Chengdu, China from November 2009 through October 2012.

Sherry was also in Shanghai China leading the asset transfer and disposition strategy as part of Intel’s consolidation efforts in 2009.  From 2007-2008, Sherry was the Fab Director for Intel-Micron NAND Flash Joint Venture, leading the green field start-up of a $2B state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication facility located in Singapore. Read more

Sesto Vecchi, Candidate for the Board of Governors, 2013 Annual General Meeting

Russin & Vecchi Sesto VecchiSesto Vecchi
Managing Partner, Russin & Vecchi

Sesto has been a member of the Board of Governors for several years and has previously served as Vice Chair. He manages the Vietnam practice group of the law firm of Russin & Vecchi. The firm is active in the practice of law in developing countries.

“The American Chamber of Commerce has a highly respected voice in Vietnam and is a strong advocate of American business.  AmCham’s active committees enable the members to work together on common issues.  The Chamber has been very effective at shaping and delivering its message in Hanoi, in HCM City and in the surrounding provinces.” Read more

Mason Cobb, Candidate for the Board of Governors, 2013 Annual General Meeting

Victoria Mason CobbMason Cobb
Chairman, Victoria Healthcare International Clinics

Dr. Mason Cobb has 16 years experience in private healthcare development and delivery in Vietnam. He was founding Director of Columbia, the first American healthcare project since the war. He is now Chairman and a founder of Victoria Healthcare International Clinics. With these experiences, he has developed a keen awareness of the issues involving small businesses, entry into the Vietnamese market, and especially the healthcare sector. In particular, he has a special interest in developing international-level skills and mind-set in Vietnamese health professionals and managers. Read more

Mark Gillin, Candidate for the Board of Governors, 2013 Annual General Meeting

Marc Gillin  PhotoMark Gillin
Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director
America Indochina Management Ltd. (AIM)

Established in 1994, AIM has emerged as one of the leading sales and distribution companies in Indochina. Mark spearheaded several of the company’s key strategic initiatives including launching a building materials business; diversifying into industrial consumables in 1998, reducing the company’s exposure to and thus overcoming the Asian Crisis of 1997.

The company entered the hotel supply business in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 1998, now one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations. AIM’s merger with Protech in 2005 has enabled the company’s building products business to achieve successive years of growth in excess of 100%. Read more

How Kam Chiong, Candidate for the Board of Governors, 2013 Annual General Meeting

Amway How Kam ChiongHow Kam Chiong
Country Manager, Amway Vietnam (AVN)

Since coming to Viet Nam in Sep 2006, he has successfully set up the entire operation of Amway in Vietnam, including two Distribution Centers in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi as well as two manufacturing facilities. He leads and executes the expansion of AVN Investment License to include importation of Basic Product (BP) for Cosmetic. BP save tremendous amount of cost and import duties and increase the efficiency as well as capacity of Amway Vietnam manufacturing facility and build a solid reputation and system for Amway Vietnam, to ensure long term success in the market. He is Amway Vietnam’s first Country Manager, and has established a good reputation with government regulators and media via sustainable CSR activities and full compliance. Read more

John Nguyen, Candidate for the Board of Governors, 2013 Annual General Meeting

DICentral John NguyenJohn Nguyen
Founder, Director, and Chief Strategy Officer, DICental Corporation

John is the founder, board director and chief strategy officer of DiCentral Corporation, a 14-year old Houston-based supply-chain solutions and services company. He is responsible for the company’s business strategy and corporate development. Prior to joining DiCentral, John Nguyen worked as an equity research analyst covering wireless telecom at Lazard, an investment bank in New York City. With over 25 years of industry and business experience, he has held technical and marketing positions at AT&T, Siemens, Alcatel and Nortel Networks. He co-founded and managed four technology start-ups: InTouch PCS, Paragon Solutions, Neopoint and OpenWorld Communications. He successfully raised over $17 million in combined seed funding for these ventures. Read more

Fred Burke, Candidate for Board of Governors, 2013 Annual General Meeting

Baker & McKenzie Fred BurkeFred Burke
Managing Partner, Baker & McKenzie Vietnam

Fred has twenty-six years’ experience in the planning, negotiation and operation of cross-border trade and investment projects in Vietnam and China, as well as in the related issues of finance, regulatory compliance, property development, construction, securities, finance, tax, labor and dispute resolution. Building on his experience with the Bilateral Trade Agreement between the United States and Vietnam in 2000, and Vietnam’s accession to the WTO in 2006, he has recently been devoting his energies to the successful conclusion of the Transpacific Partnership Agreement. This new agreement would provide substantial opportunities for AmCham members in terms of trade and investment, market access and protection of intellectual property rights. By providing a much needed stimulus to the Vietnam economy, the TPP would also offer new opportunities for Am Cham members operating here. Read more