Cambodia dam to impact Mekong Delta

Vietnam is especially concerned because of predictions that the dam will trap large quantities of sediment. This will reduce the amount finding its way downstream to add nutrients to Vietnam’s agriculturally rich Mekong delta region, upon which millions of people depend for their livelihoods. Read more

Secretary of State John Kerry: Remarks to AmCham and Fulbright Economics Program

SecState John Kerry, Ambassador David Shear“I want to thank the American Chamber of Commerce. The American Chamber of Commerce Vietnam and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and industry have made just a gigantic difference here. AmCham’s experience in Vietnam has really ushered in a new era of cooperation for the bilateral trade agreement in 2001, to the WTO session in 2007, and now we are working on the TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership. I’ll say a word about it.

But just think about this for a minute: Our bilateral trade has grown 50-fold, 50 times since 1995, to more than $25 billion a year now. Vietnam has the potential to become one of the United States’ leading economic partners in the region, and we’re going to continue to work at that. Read more

Is Vietnam still attractive to foreign investors?

Steve Almond, Deloitte

Vietnam is still a very popular destination in Southeast Asia for attracting FDI. There are challenges and government policies such as providing tax incentives can certainly help.

Much more important to business are things like the quality of the physical infrastructure, the connectivity of technology and communication and the access to high-quality skills in the labor force.

For Vietnam to attract more FDI, it should continue to invest more into removing trade barriers, and improving the infrastructure and education for the young work force to ensure they have the right skills.
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How Ho Chi Minh City’s Filthy Canal Became a Park

How Ho Chi Minh City's Filthy Canal Became a ParkSewers and storm drains don’t stir most people’s deepest passions. But try creating a modern, economically vibrant city without them.

Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam’s economic capital, has spent the past decade building a modern sanitation and flood control system for the 1.2 million people living along its Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe canal. Read more