F&B chains prosper in HCMC, struggle in Hanoi

20140926113424-f-bThere are big differences between Hanoi and HCM City markets in tastes, service quality and consumption habits. It is also difficult to find retail premises and franchisees. F&B chains have been more successful in HCM City than Hanoi largely because HCM City is large and HCM City residents are more “open” than Hanoians.

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Uber has arrived in Ho Chi Minh City

Uber arrives in HCMCYou can now enjoy the luxury and convenience of Uber, an American service that offers vehicles that give passengers the feeling of riding in their own comfortable cars.

It only takes a few swipes on a smartphone for clients to start up their Uber app, pick a car, and select the location where they wish to be picked up. Read more

McDonald’s opens in Vietnam, Feb 8, 2014

The middle and affluent class (MAC) in Viet Nam will double in size between 2014 and 2020, from 12 million to 33 million, according to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group. In addition, Vietnam’s average per capita income will rise by 240% by 2020. So MAC income in Vietnam may to increase from about $8.6 billion in 2014 to about $57.2 billion in 2020. By then, Vietnam’s MAC population will be two-thirds the size of Thailand’s MAC population. It’s no wonder McDonald’s joined KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger King and many others in opening stores in Vietnam.

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Dunkin’ Donuts plans business expansion across Vietnam

Dunkin' Donuts- One taste and you'll understandAfter 60 years of development, Dunkin’ Donuts as of 2012 set its presence in 32 countries with 10,000 restaurants, in which there are some 3,000 units outside the U.S.. Every year, Dunkin’ Donuts serves over 1.7 billion cups of coffee globally.

The local food and beverage market has welcomed another well-known coffee brand: Dunkin’ Donuts, from the United States. That offers more options to coffee lovers, and also increases competition on players in this sector. The newcomer, however, expects to see a strong growth, looking for further expansion in the country. ###

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