Conditions for work permits for foreigners will be eased

Vietnam Work PermitThe Government decided at the June 2014 meeting that the Ministry of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and Training, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the Office of Government, will urgently revise Decree No. 102/2013/ND-CP September 5, 2013 of the Government detailing the implementation of some articles of the Labor Code on employment of foreigners working in Vietnam and Decree No. 73/2012/ND-CP September 26, 2012 of the Government on the cooperation, foreign investment in the field of education, report to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision . Read more

Bill Gates isn’t qualified for work permit in Vietnam

Bill GatesThe procedures and regulations required to obtain a work permit in Vietnam contain so many unreasonable requirements that even the world renowned business magnate would not be able to obtain one, said attendees at an economic forum.

Fred Burke of the firm Baker & McKenzie told the Mid-term Vietnam Business Forum 2014 in Hanoi that one of his foreign employees has failed to get a work permit in Ho Chi Minh City, in spite of his three years of experience and an education from a top U.S. university.

As per the current regulation, foreign laborers are only granted a work permit if they have at least five years of work experience and four years of university education; so even Bill Gates would not be qualified to work in Vietnam, he said. Read more

Protected: Proposed revisions to Circular 3, Số: 03/2014/TT-BLĐTBXH, 20/01/2014

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Government sets metrics to improve business conditions and national competitiveness in “Resolution 19,” Mar 2014

PM Nguyen Tan DungThree of the key performance metrics include ASEAN-6 averages by 2015: reduce time required to start new businesses to no more than 6 days; reduce tax procedures to 171 hours/year; reduce the time for import to 13 days and export 14 days.

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HCM City ranked #35 of 100 cities

Vietnam ranked #35 of 100 Bestin the business environment quality-cost rankings of The World’s Most Competitive Cities in 2013, by Site Selection and IBM Global Services. But that ranking is based largely on cost factors rather than business environment quality factors. Click the image to left and scroll to page 3 to see the complete rankings list. Read more

Crunch time as Vietnam set for education shakeup, again

LHP students, Crunchtime for VN EducationIn the most explicit gesture to shore up an education system that has been dogged by crisis at all levels, Vietnam’s top leadership has passed a resolution on an across-the-board overhaul of the sector. But will educators and experts, disenchanted with government platitudes about an education quagmire that threatens to drag down the workforce and stall the country’s development, buy into this latest move in the education reform?

“It is crunch time for a shakeup,” Hoang Tuy, a prominent Vietnamese educator, told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper. “The leaders must decide if they want to fix the system or keep the status quo and hold back the country’s development with a backward education system.” Read more

Vietnam’s new rules on foreign workers likely to make things messy for employers [work permits]

Vietnam Work PermitThe recent tightening of regulations on foreign workers, which involves even more red tape, is likely to exacerbate the already dire human-resource situation facing the corporate sector, experts warn.

A decree to take effect on November 1 superseding an earlier one will continue to make it incumbent on employers to prove that they require foreign workers and that Vietnamese cannot replace them.

One bizarre provision in the decree is that it enlarges the category of foreign workers exempt from obtaining a work permit, but then requires them to apply for a certificate saying they do not have to obtain one.

Employers now have to get approval from the provincial chief to hire foreign workers.

The decree reduces the validity of work permits for a broad category of foreign workers from three to two years, a provision that could aggravate the shortage of skilled workers already felt acutely by both foreign and local companies, the experts point out.

Experts also say if the government wants to keep more jobs for locals, what it also needs to do is improve training to produce more workers relevant to the investments that are going to be made. Read more

Draft Decree on Foreign Employees working in Vietnam, amended Labour Code, Law No. 10/2012/QH13, Jun 18, 2012

Vietnam Work PermitForeign Employees Working in Vietnam
Quy định chi tiết thi hành một số điều của Bộ luật Lao động về lao động nước ngoài làm việc tại Việt Nam

Summary In accordance with Vietnam’s commitments to transparency and consultations made in the Bilateral Trade Agreement, in the report of the Working Party on the Accession of Vietnam to the WTO, and as ratified by the National Assembly in Resolution No. 71, Nov 29, 2006, MOLISA and VCCI have  proposed this workshop and dialogue meeting with MOLISA’s Legal Department Director, Mr. Dang Duc San. Below you will find
(1) Background: Vietnam’s WTO Commitment to Transparency;
(2) Reference Materials: the draft decree; and
(3) Comments Submitted. Read more

SURVEY re Vietnam’s new Work Permit Requirements: VBF HR Working Group

Please complete a quick and easy on-line survey regarding Vietnam’s new work permit requirements that the Vietnam Business Forum HR Working Group plans to share with MOLISA. Read more

Attachments to Letter to MOLISA re Draft Decree on Foreign Workers, Work Permits, and “no less than 60 days comment period,” Jan 24, 2013

Attachment A. Excerpts from the Bilateral Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the United States, July 13, 2000

Attachment B. Excerpts from the Report of the Working Party on the Accession of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the World Trade Organization, WT/ACC/VNM/48, 27 October 2006

Attachment C. Some Comments regarding the Draft Decree on Foreign Workers, Work Permits, etc. submitted for discussion at the dialogue meeting with MOLISA, MPI, organized by the Vietnam Business Forum on Jan 11, 2013

Attachment D & E. National Assembly Resolution No. 71, Nov 29, 2006, Ratifying Vietnam’s Accession to the WTO Agreement