Haagen-Das - Ice Cream War in Vietnam

U.S. ice cream general offensive in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of well-known US ice cream brands have jumped into Vietnam, or they are considering penetrating the market.

Haagen-Das - Ice Cream War in Vietnam

Just several months after Baskin-Robbins returned to Vietnam noisily, Swensen’s is also planning to expand its shop network, continuing the “general offensive” of the US ice cream brands to the Vietnamese market.

The Vietnamese ice cream chain market had seen the appearance of only one US ice cream brand – Bud’s – until the returning of Baskin-Robbins in 2011.

The San Francisco sourced brand was bought by North American Food Corp under a franchising contract. After that the ice cream products with the brand have been distributed in Vietnam since 2007 with the investment capital of one million dollars, not including the franchising fee.

With the appearance of Bud’s, Vietnamese people, for the first time, could enjoy the US cream imported 100 percent from the US in a modern and comfortable space.

Bud’s not only brought US ice cream, but the concept “Casual dining” as well, which aimed to increase the convenience for its clients. To date, Bud’s has developed 12 shops which all are located in the advantageous positions in HCM City, and one branch in Hanoi.

Baskin-Robbins appeared in Vietnam a long time after Bud’s. It was brought to Vietnam by Blue Star Food Corp under a franchising contract in late 2011. In fact, this was the second presence of the US ice cream in Vietnam after the unsuccessful debut in 1994.

When returning to Vietnam, the US ice cream has been trying a more methodical campaign to conquer the domestic market. Blue Star Food Corp has stated that it would open 50 shops within five years.

She said that the F&B (food and beverage) chain market in Vietnam has witnessed a very rapid development over the last five years. She also can see the relatively good purchasing power from the medium class consumers in Vietnam.

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