US quota system transition troubles Vietnam’s apparel industry

Oct 6, 2006. Vietnam’s clothing manufacturers have used up nearly all their 2006 quotas for export to the USA but this time, unlike before, they can no longer start using next year’s quotas in advance. Click here to see the Quota fill rate report from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

“It’s a dilemma”, was how Nguyen Duc Thanh from the Ministry of Trade described the situation to a gathering of industry representatives and government officials in Ha Noi.

Although the beginning of 2007 will be a good time to end quota imposition, there are still many problems and it might be delayed until later, he told the “Vietnam’s Textile and Garment Industry on the Threshold of the WTO” forum organized by the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation.

Sales to US account for half of Vietnam’s exports

Vietnam’s apparel exports to the U.S. in the first nine months account for one-half the total exports (US$ 2.17 billion of US$ 4.462 billion). Exports to the EU were second, with US$ 0.819 million.

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