Vietnam Business Forum – Mid-Term 2007 – 30 May 2007

Melia Hotel, Hanoi • Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Vietnam Business Forum is an initiative facilitated by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in collaboration with the World Bank and the Ministry of Planning & Investment. Its mission is to improve the business environment to stimulate economic development, increase employment, and improve people’s lives, through constructive dialogue between government agencies and businesses, both domestic and international. Click here to visit the Vietnam Business Forum web site for more information.

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Meeting Agenda

Section 1Review of Investment Climate in Vietnam
1.1Perceptions of Business Associations/Chambers
.AGTEK Assn of Garment, Textile, Embroidery, & Knitting of HCM City
.EuroCham, Alain Cany, Chairman
.Can Tho Business Association, Nguyen My Thuan, General Secretary
.AmCham Vietnam, Jocelyn Tran, Vice Chairwoman
.KoCham Vietnam, Gho Gunwhan, Chairman
.AusCham, Andrew Currie, President
.JBAV: Japan Business Association in Vietnam
.Hanoi Young Business Association
1.2JETRO: Comparative Costs in Major Cities/Regions in Asia
.JETRO-2: Annual Survey of Comparative Costs – Summary
1.3Provincial Competitiveness Initiative: Implications for National Policy

Section 2Banking & Capital Markets
2.1.1Workshop on 1st Draft Circular Implementing Decree 22, 24 Jan 07
2.1.2Comments on 2nd Draft Circular Implementing Decree 22
2.1.3Meeting between Banking WG and SBV, 17 May 07
2.1.4Banking WG Proposal on Draft Regulation for Consumer Lending
2.2Capital Markets
2.2.1Comments on Draft Regulation on Fund Management Companies, etc.
2.2.2Meeting on Draft Regulation on Fund Management Companies, etc., 14 Feb 07
2.2.3Meeting between Capital Markets WG and SSC, 23 May 07

Section 3Implementation of WTO Commitments
3.1Comments on WTO Implementation – General
3.2Comments on Foreign Traders Decree: Trading & Distribution Rights
3.3Comments on MPI’s WTO Implementation Decree – M&D WG-FB
3.4Comments on MPI’s WTO Implementation Decree – M&D WG-TTP
3.5Comments on MPI’s WTO Implementation Decree – AusCham
3.6Comments on MPI’s WTO Implementation Decree – EU Delegation
3.7Summary of Meeting with Ministry of Trade and MPI, 03 May 07

Section 4Implementation of Investment Law & Enterprise Law
4.1General Comments on the Investment Law, Enterprise Law 2005
4.2Specific Comments on the Investment Law, Enterprise Law 2005
4.3Additional Comments – Le Thanh Son
4.4Additional Comments – Hanoi Union of Assns of Industry and Commerce
4.5Formalism in Business Registration – LCT Lawyers
4.6Summary of Meeting with MPI on Investment, Enterprise Laws, 12 Apr 07

Section 5Other Working Group Reports
5.1APort Sub-Working Group Report – Shippers’ Perspective
5.1BPort Sub-Working Group Report – Shipping Companies/Infrastructure WG
5.2Tourism Group Report
5.3Mining Issues – by CanCham
.Comments on Decision 67/2006/QD-BTC, on Mining Tax Issues
.Summary of Meeting on Mineral Ore Taxation and Related Issues, 15 May 07
5.4Tax Issues: Marketing/Promotion Expenses, Bonuses, Life Insurance
5.5Comments: Draft Decree – Additional Regulations on Land Use Right Certificate

Section 6Appendix
6.1Report from VBF to Vietnam Consultative Group Meeting – December 2006
6.2Summary of VBF-Vietnam Business Forum, December 2006