Vietnam : Click fraud’s new Asian connection?

Vietnam may be a waypoint for pay-per-click scammers

A report by Anchor Intelligence shows that nearly half of all the advertising clicks coming from Vietnam are composed of fraudulent traffic aimed at inflating online publishers’ advertising revenue, according to an analysis of billions of clicks a month on its clients’ advertising networks. Fully 48% of Vietnam’s clicks are fraudulent, according to the report, compared with 28% of U.S. clicks and 26% of those originating in Canada.

The high rate of fraud coming from Vietnam is likely a result of the country’s growing online population mixed with a lax security environment. That’s made their PCs easy prey for international cybercriminals who use malicious software to infect PCs, turning them into click fraud “zombies.” “Vietnam has a lot of PCs and Internet service providers with outdated software and other vulnerabilities,” Sims says. “It’s likely that users running Windows 98 on their machine have been infected with malware so that while they might be sleeping, their machines are still engaging in click fraud.”

According to Shadowserver researcher Andre DiMino, Vietnam’s number of detectable signals from the Conficker worm, a piece of malicious software that has spread to millions of computers worldwide, has increased 100-fold since January, putting it fifth in the ranking of total number of Conficker infections behind Brazil, Russia, India and China, despite Vietnam’s relatively small population.

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