Vietnam News celebrates 20 year anniversary

For the past 20 years, the Viet Nam News, the nation’s first English language daily, published by Vietnam News Agency has performed well in disseminating policies from the Party and the State. This has led to regular and comprehensive information on the political, economic and social situation in Viet Nam.

The newspaper has also reported on key developments in the region and the world, making it one of the nation’s effective channel of information for foreign readers.

In recent years, the newspaper has moved away from Government subsidies. Its small staff have lifted their efficiency and now raised the publication’s own revenue, making it self supporting. In doing so, they have improved their expertise and armed themselves with modern techniques. This has also provided readers with more diverse and interesting information.

The Viet Nam News and its monthly publication, the Outlook, are produced in both print and electronic editions. The publications have created for themselves a firm position among readers inside and outside the country, especially among the community of overseas Vietnamese.

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