Vietnam on radar of U.S. investors – JP Morgan Chase Midwest Chairman William Daley

VietNamNet Bridge, 17 Jun 07 – Former Secretary of Commerce of President Bill Clinton’s administration, William Daley, said it was possible that US direct investment in Vietnam would begin taking off within the next five years.

Mr Daley, currently Midwest Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, believes that US investment into Vietnam will rapidly increase because Vietnam is now “on the radar screens” of US investors, including JP Morgan Chase.

President Triet’s visit to the USA is an opportunity to talk about changes in Vietnam, especially an opportunity for Mr Triet to share his vision about Vietnam in the next 5 or 10 years, about the goals that Vietnam aims to achieve in the coming time.

At those meetings, the two sides should aim for more profound and comprehensive awareness of trade issues between the two countries. The more trade exchanges, the more problems emerge. The only way to avoid trade conflicts is no goods exchange, but nobody likes this because international trade benefits all countries.

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