Vietnam plans to burn waste for renewable energy in big cities

Jul 7, 2011. “We are discussing the waste treatment, but we still do not know exactly how much waste needs to be burnt per year,” said Dr Nguyen Trung Viet from the HCM City Department for Natural Resources and the Environment.

According to Viet, by June 2011, Hanoi, HCM City and Da Nang had sent periodic reports abut the industrial waste and hazardous waste.

The Government has allowed to set up 18 industrial zones and high tech zones, 13 small and medium industrial parks with thousands of industrial workshops in Hanoi. However, only 500 enterprises have registered the owners of the waste sources and the volume of hazardous waste. However, experts say the figures about the waste volume reported by the owners of the waste resources do not truly reflect the situation.

It is estimated that the volume of solid industrial waste in Da Nang is about 20-30 tons per day, while the figures are 100 tons in Hanoi and 900-1200 tons in HCM City. However, the actual figures would be much higher, according to Dr Viet.

In HCM City, there are about 12,000 industrial workshops, but only 2500 have registered the owners of the waste sources. In Da Nang, it is very difficult to define the volume and composition of industrial waste. Since solid industrial waste can be recycled, they are collected and carried to 800 recycling workshops in the city. It is really a difficult task to manage the waste sources.

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