Vietnam ratifies United Nations anti-corruption convention

HANOI (AFP) — Vietnam, ranked as one of the world’s most corrupt countries, has ratified the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, the UN said Friday.

The convention, which took effect in 2005, introduced a comprehensive set of standards, measures and rules for countries to strengthen their legal and regulatory regimes against corruption.

It also called for preventive measures and criminalization of the most prevalent forms of public and private graft.

In March, Vietnam pledged to use aid loans from Japan effectively after a resumption of aid that had been suspended over corruption involving a highway project. Japan is its biggest bilateral donor.

Vietnam’s government insists that fighting corruption a priority, but international donors have said the country is not doing enough.

Former Communist Party head Le Kha Phieu in April called for tougher anti-corruption measures, saying progress “leaves much to be desired.”

Transparency International, a global graft watchdog, gave Vietnam a score of 2.7 on its latest Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranges from zero—deemed highly corrupt—to 10, highly clean.

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