Vietnam’s industrial output grows 14% in 2010, led by the FDI sector

Hanoi, Dec 28, 2010. Vietnam’s industrial output grew 14 per cent in 2010, surpassing projections of 12 per cent for the year, authorities said Tuesday.

Overall industrial production in 2010 was predicted to reach 794.2 trillion dong (40.8 billion dollars), the Ministry of Trade and Industry said.

Industrial output from non-state businesses increased 14.7 per cent to reach 14.7 billion dollars. (36% of total).

Production from foreign direct investment increased 17.2 per cent to reach 17.1 billion dollars. (42% of total).

State-owned industries increased production by 7.4 per cent to reach 9 billion dollars, the lowest level among all sub-sectors. (22% of total).

The FDI sector also accounted for about 57% of Vietnam’s total exports in 2010.

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