Vietnam – U.S. Trade, 2001-2015

Vietnam-U.S. Trade 2001-2015

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Vietnam-U.S. trade may exceed $ 21 billion in 2011; if present trends continue, Vietnam-U.S. trade by 2015 may exceed US$ 30 billion a year.

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The Bilateral Trade Agreement indicates that there should be a balance of “market access opportunities” and “concessions.”

“The Parties shall seek to achieve a satisfactory balance of market access opportunities through the satisfactory reciprocation of reductions in tariffs and nontariff barriers to trade in goods resulting from multilateral negotiations.”—U.S. – Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement, July 13, 2000 Chapter I, Article 3. General Obligations with Respect to Trade.

“The Parties agree to establish a Joint Committee (“Committee”) on Development of Economic and Trade Relations between Vietnam and the United States of America. The Committee’s responsibilities shall include the following: B. ensuring that a satisfactory balance of concessions is maintained during the life of this Agreement;”—Chapter VI, General Articles, Article 5. Consultations.