Weekly Update Aug 13: How to Successfully Penetrate the US Market, Members Night


We, Aug 22 Morning Briefing: How to Successfully Penetrate the US Market
Th, Aug 30 U.S.-ASEAN Business Summit • Digital Economy
Mo, Sep 3 Vietnam’s National Foundation Day (observed)
Th, Sep 6 Dr. Le Dang Doanh: Revitalizing the Vietnamese Miracle
Th, Sep 6 Food Industry Summit, Jakarta, Indonesia
Sa, Sep 8 AmCham Scholarship Information Session
Welcome to new AmCham companies • Jan ~ Aug 2012
ADB wants ODA disbursement accelerated
FDI in apparel production declines
FDI machine needs reworking
Viet Nam may run out of funds for pensions
Vietnam surpassed China as the leading producer of Nike footwear two years ago
Vietnam the next upcoming market: consumer spending to increase 42% by 2016
FDI into Vietnam continues its plunge during first seven months – down 67%
Industrial Parks See Falling Investment in first half of 2012: FDI down 59%
Tu, Nov 6, U.S. General Elections Day • U.S. Voter Registration Web Sites

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Welcome to new AmCham companies 63 new companies have joined AmCham in Jan-Aug. Brief descriptions, activities, representatives’ names, and links to their web sites for additional information.

Special Fare For AmCham Members from Korean Air Up to13% discount for all AmCham members on fares to the United States, Korea, Japan and China. Save your traveling costs and enjoy excellent service with Korean Air.

Th-We, Aug 16-22 More is Spicing Up at Saigon Saigon Bar There’ll be plenty of spice in the bar’s special fare during Chili Con Carne Week. All week long, our crack chefs will be stewing this very distinctive dish. Translated as “chili pepper with meat,” Chile Con Carne is no one-dish wonder.

Mo-Fr, Aug 19 – Sep 14 Authentic Korean Cuisine at Market 39 Restaurant In conjunction with AT Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, the well-known Market 39 Restaurant of InterContinental Asiana Saigon offers Authentic Korean Cuisine Discovery Journey to all food aficionados.

We, Aug 22 Morning Briefing: How to Successfully Penetrate the US Market Event is designed to help attendees pursue international contracts successfully; respond to customer demands effectively; and increase profits from international trade.

We, Sep 5 CEO Lunch Talk: A Complaint Is A Gift – Inspiring Customer Centric Cultures The topics include: What do Organizations really think about complaints ….. And why it matters; Designing a Service Recovery Strategy; Aligning Your Entire Organization; and Responding and Recovering to Complaints.

Th, Sep 6 Dr. Le Dang Doanh: Revitalizing the Vietnamese Miracle – Outlook for 2012-2013 Stabilization policies since Feb 2011 have slowed credit growth, inflation, and economic growth. However, lack of progress on SOE reform, plunging FDI, and continuing low productivity growth have led some observers to talk about “the end of the Vietnamese miracle,” as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar seem more attractive investment destinations than Vietnam. What steps can government and business take to revitalize Vietnam’s “economic miracle” of stable and sustainable economic growth? And how will this affect your business, and trade and investment between Vietnam and the U.S.?

Th, Sep 6 Food Industry Summit, Jakarta: A Shared Vision in ASEAN To foster dialogue between leading industry associations in Asia, and share experiences of trade and regulatory priorities.

AmCham Scholarship 2012 • Sep – Nov AmCham will grant scholarships to up to 45 top students from universities in HCM City.

Tu, Nov 6, U.S. General Elections Day • U.S. Voter Registration Web Sites More than 6 million Americans live overseas. If the overseas American community were a state, we would be the 18th most-populous state in the union. Our votes count … click the link to register online, get a ballot, and vote.

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Anh Viet Media TV & Tourist makes your business better Anh Viet has more than 12 years of experience in media business. We understand the need of making your brand better. Our media services include: Press conferences, Samplings, Activations, Seminars. In addition, Anh Viet is also a representative tourism organization, providing MICE travel, Visa – passport service, Air – train tickets.

ADB wants ODA disbursement accelerated Vietnam’s average of 16.14% was well below the ADB’s regional 22.84% average. “This marked the lowest disbursement level among the ADB’s overseas loans, even though Vietnam enjoyed the most ODA from this bank.”

ADB Support to Improve Portfolio Performance and ODA Effectiveness Main constraints that need to be solved to improve portfolio and ODA effectiveness: (1) lack of harmonized procedures on ODA project management, (2) project start-up delays, (3) limited effectiveness of joint portfolio performance management mechanisms, (4) project management capacity constraints, (5) delays in institutionalization of results of dialogue between Government and development partners on aid effectiveness. Period of project: Jun 1, 2012 – Nov 30, 2014.

FDI in apparel production declines FDI in the sector has fallen from an annual average of US$ 460 million during the peak period of 2000-08. Total registered FDI capital in the sector for 2009 and 2010 was at $ 185 million and $ 169 million respectively. and the number of FDI projects has also decreased during the past three years.

FDI machine needs reworking FDI in the first half of 2012: newly committed FDI was $ 4.67 billion, down 24.6% and expanded capital of existing FDI plunged 35.5%. This reflects slowing FDI flows into the country. Stopping FDI’s downward trend while improvinging its quality is imperative and also the responsibility of the state management agencies at all levels.

Viet Nam may run out of funds for pensions If nothing changes, the national pension fund may be depleted in 17 years. “The pension scheme will start running deficits from 2020 and the reserves of the fund could be totally depleted by 2029, causing big problems for Viet Nam’s economy,” said ILO Viet Nam expert Carlos Galian.

Viet Nam’s pension scheme reform needed: ILO Report Viet Nam Social Security will soon need to start selling assets to pay pensions.

“Employment Bill” will require employers to introduce training schemes It would address emerging issues in employment services, regulate furnishing of information about the labour market, and simplify recruitment and issue of work permits to foreign workers.

Turner Selected to Manage Construction of Five-Star Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City Turner recently signed an agreement to manage construction of the Pullman Saigon Centre Project in Ho Chi Minh City. Developed by the consortium of Saigon Tourist, Que Huong – Liberty, and Invesco, the Kume Sekkei-designed business hotel will rise 28 stories and offer 328 guest rooms. The project is scheduled for completion in late 2013.

Vietnam, Russia to set up titanium joint venture Binh Thuan has total titanium reserves of 599 million tons, or 92% of the total national reserve. The Russian corporation controls one-third of the world’s titanium market.

Vietnam surpassed China as the leading producer of Nike footwear two years ago Vietnam made about 41 percent of Nike brand footwear, up from 39% the year before. China, 32 percent, down from 33 percent; and Indonesia, 25 percent, up from 24 percent.

Vietnam is the next upcoming market: consumer spending forecast to increase 42% 2012-2016 Many global companies already established in China, Brazil, and India are now turning their attention to Vietnam as the next great emerging market.

FDI into Vietnam continues its plunge during first seven months – down 67% year-on-year New FDI reached $ 5.2 billion, or about 56 per cent of the number at the same time last year. Expanding capital in existing projects “surged” by 5.2%

China + One = Vietnam and ASEAN ASEAN has the third-largest economy in Asia, after Japan and China. U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI) into ASEAN totaled $130 billion in 2007, the largest destination for U.S. FDI in Asia, and has grown 55% since 2004. As a developing region, ASEAN per capita income is low but its GDP is rapidly growing: an almost 170% increase over the past decade.

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Welcome to new AmCham companies • Jan ~ Jun 2012
FDI into Vietnam continues to plunge in first seven months – down 67%
Viet Nam may run out of funds for pensions
Tu, Aug 7 Legal & VBF Liaison Committee
Vietnam the next upcoming market: consumer spending to increase 42% 2012-2016
Intel Vacancy: Vietnam Government Affairs Manager
How to Penetrate the U.S. Market Successfully
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