Weekly update Dec 11: Annual General Meeting, Another Typhoon (#22), PNTR Approved

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Typhoon #22 (UTOR) on Sun, Dec 10 was in the Eastern Sea and expected to develop into a Category 4 storm with wind-speeds of 131-155 mph (211-250 kph). Click the link to see the predicted storm track. However, as the recent typhoons have demonstrated, the predicted track can and does often change drastically.

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Annual General Meeting, Wed, Dec 13
The Board of Governors will report on 2006 activities and finances, and then members enjoy a cocktail reception. Vote for Governors for the 2007-2008 term. Click on the link for additional information and to register online to attend. Spouses are not only invited, but are encouraged to attend with members.

Christmas & New Year’s Dinner Parties @ La Habana, Sun, Dec 24 and Sun, Dec 31
La Habana Restaurant – Bar – Lounge is well-known for its authentic Spanish cuisine and its wide choice of tapas, as well as its famous Cuban cocktails, its Cuban & Latin rhythm and live entertainment in a lovely cozy architecture. Click the link highlighted above for more information.

Dalat Winter Weekend and Roundtable, Fri-Sun, Jan 26-28
Plan now to join other AmCham members and guests in a networking weekend, with Roundtable discussion of key issues and outlook for 2007. We have reserved seats on VN Airlines and rooms at Dalat Sofitel Palace and Dalat Novotel Hotels. Register now for this stimulating weekend, with optional activities including excursions, golfing, spa, and simple relaxation. Click on the link for Schedule and Registration Form.

Issues Updates and AmCham – related News

Washington – PNTR Legislation. The U.S. Congress approved PNTR in votes by the House of Representatives on Dec 8 (212-184) and the Senate on Dec 9 (79-9). The legislation now goes to the President for signature before finally becoming law. Click here for a complete Update and Background on PNTR legislation and WTO accession.

Geneva – WTO Accession. Vietnam is expected to send an official notification to the WTO “this week” that the National Assembly ratified the WTO accession agreement on November 28. According to WTO procedures, Vietnam will only become a WTO member 30 days after it has informed the WTO that it has ratified the accession package domestically.

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Event Presentations and Downloads
Did you miss an AmCham event? Were you there but wanted to have a copy of the presentation? Didn’t get the business card of the person you were talking with? Now you can download the presentations by clicking on the above link. Also, you can see a list of people that attended the event, with links to their company contact information.

Big problems, simple solutions: Be Prepared
There are some problems that nearly all companies are bound to face eventually, such as client loss, natural disasters and sprouting competition. Don’t be caught off guard in a time of crisis: Be prepared with simple fixes, so the problems don’t overwhelm you or your company.

Prices indicate worth, determine profit
Setting prices for your business’ services or products gives customers an idea of your presence in the market. Many businesses, however, set prices that mirror their competition or are just arbitrary numbers. Remember when setting prices that markets are always flexible, and to change them based on time and demand.

Georgetown University 2006 Terrorism Outlook Survey
How does the global threat of terrorism impact your operations? A Georgetown University MBA team invites you to participate in a survey to get a well-informed view on what your peers and competitors are thinking and doing in response to the global threat of terrorism. Click the link above to participate in the survey.

AmCham Webmaster’s Computing Tips: Web Browsers
The browser is the most important piece of software on most people’s computers. Your browser shapes the way you use the internet, affecting your methods of gathering information and the speed and ease with which you collect it. And since the top browsers are free, there’s no reason not to shop around. Read the reviews, download and install the browsers (it’s automatic), then try them to see which one you prefer.

Sec 911 – Housing cost amount eligible for exclusion or deduction – U.S. Citizens
The U.S. Treasury Department issued a notice concerning housing costs eligible for exclusion or deduction by U.S. citizens and .

FAQ – Dining in HCM City
We’ve added a “Ho Chi Minh City Restaurant Guides” page under our FAQ. There are links to two popular on-line restaurant guides that will help you find the restaurant you’re looking for. Or you can email the link to your visiting friends and relatives that are asking you for recommendations. Has maps, addresses, tel/fax numbers, etc.

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Keep up-to-date about U.S.-Vietnam trade and investment relations with Weekly Updates.