Weekly Update Jul 9: U.S.-ASEAN Business Forum, APEC Business Advisory Council


AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day in the News
Raffle Prize Winners, USA Independence Day Celebration & Family Picnic
Fr, Jul 13 U.S.-ASEAN Business Forum, Siam Reap, Cambodia
ASEAN Reaps Rewards As Clinton Counters China: Southeast Asia and GMS
Mo, Jul 16 APEC Business Advisory Council – Investment Conference
Tu, Jul 17 Legal & VBF Liaison Committee
Welcome to new AmCham companies • Jan ~ Jun 2012
FDI into Vietnam continues to fall: down 27.3% in first half of 2012
Industrial Parks See Falling Investment in first half of 2012; FDI down 59% compared with 2011
Lockheed Martin-Built VINASAT-2 Satellite Begins Service for VNPT
Vietnam – U.S. Trade Status and Outlook, 2011 – 2020e (updated Jun 26, 2012)
Tu, Nov 6, U.S. General Elections Day • U.S. Voter Registration Web Sites

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Welcome to new AmCham companies 46 new companies have joined AmCham in Jan-Jun. Brief descriptions, activities, representatives’ names, and links to their web sites for additional information.

Special Fare For AmCham Members from Korean Air Korean Air rewards all AmCham members up to13% discount on fares to the United States, Korea, Japan and China. Save your travelling cost and enjoy excellent service with Korean Air.

Connecting with company and industry value chains through cloud The cloud’s six “game-changing” business enablers which you can adopt in your organization to help break collaboration boundaries and improve your ecosystem connectivity. Learn more by reading this insightful white paper

End of Season Sale at VinCom Center. Great savings on Swarovski, Emporio Armani, Debenhams and others.

Regus will help you work your way Regus provides modern, flexible workspace that frees businesses of all sizes, all over the world, to work more effectively. Companies can take a fully-equipped office, desks to use part time, rent a professional meeting room. However they use Regus, they get all the support a business needs.

Th-We, Jul 14 – 20 Caravelle Cracks Open Oyster Specials Fin de Claire oysters—considered the world’s finest—will be served alongside oysters fresh from Vung Tau and Ha Long Bay, and accompanied by traditional condiments and Tabasco sauces. Seafood fans can have the much-loved molluscs by the dozen or a half dozen with a flute of champagne at Lobby Lounge, or with their favourite cocktails and spirits at Martini Bar.

Tu, Jul 24 Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats The Six Thinking Hats System promotes a common language of communication and effective thinking within the organization in order to harness the thinking potential of all of its employees. It is a simple and effective system that allows everyone to separate thinking into six distinct categories in order to focus or direct the thinking or discussion in direction where it is most needed.

Until Aug 26, Legend Hotel Saigon’s Weekend Getaway Package The luxury river-front five-star international hotel has extended the validity of its Weekend Getaway Package until 26 August 2012. Applicable to Vietnamese and expatriates residing in Vietnam for their stay on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, the package is priced at only VND 2,012,000++ per night for single or double occupancy in a Deluxe Room with several special benefits.

Advance Notice: Sep – Nov AmCham Scholarship 2012 AmCham will grant scholarships to up to 45 top students from universities in HCM City.

Tu, Nov 6, U.S. General Elections Day • U.S. Voter Registration Web Sites More than 6 million Americans live overseas. If the overseas American community were a state, we would be the 18th most-populous state in the union. Our votes count … click the link to register online, get a ballot, and vote.

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Industrial Parks See Falling Investment in first half of 2012; FDI down 59% compared with 2011 90 projects have either been suspended,have stopped operations, or decreased capacity. Due mostly to capital difficulties, a drop in orders and an inability to find new markets.

ASEAN Reaps Rewards As Clinton Counters China: Southeast Asia and GMS ASEAN ” … is the region of the world that is likely to be driving economic growth for the medium to long term. As much as there are issues around China, it’s also the fact that this is where it’s going to be happening in the next 50 years, and these governments recognize that.”

AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day 2012 in the News AmCham is proud to announce that 659 AmCham staff, friends and family joined AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day 2012, organized in HCM City by the AmCham Corporate Social Responsibility Group, in cooperation with the Humanitarian Blood Donation Center of Red Cross Ho Chi Minh City.

Japan’s Tokyu Corp. and Becamex to develop new city and traffic infrastructure in Binh Duong Connecting Binh Duong and other areas in the Southern Key Economic Zone, with a focus on a modern bus transit system and a possibility to develop a railway route in the future,” said Tokuy Corp CEO.

Tama Denen Toshi New Town (Tama Garden City), Japan The growth spurred by the Denen Toshi rapid transit metro line in Tokyo’s Tama area is the largest and widely viewed as the most successful land development ever undertaken by a private railway company in Japan.

Growing Importance of Supporting Industries in Vietnam to be Discussed, Aug 1, 2012 FDI corporations have established manufacturing and assembling facilities in Vietnam and expect to have more local parts suppliers to reduce transport costs and risks.

Lockheed Martin-Built VINASAT-2 Satellite Begins Service for VNPT “From contract award in May 2010, Lockheed Martin and VNPT worked together seamlessly to ensure an efficient on-time delivery of VINASAT-2, a highly reliable and capable satellite that will serve its users for many years to come.”

A performance booster for SOEs – McKinsey & Co. An analysis of reform measures regarding state-owned enterprises in Vietnam.

What will the fate be of Nokia’s factory in Vietnam? Nokia has lost 88 billion dollars worth of the market value since the day Apple launched its iPhone series in 2007.

Vietnam’s president backs new system to fight corruption Considering Vietnam’s political system, having Party members in the board and the Party chief as the board’s leader was the best possible move.

APEC business advisors to meet in HCM City Mon, Jul 16, 2012 ABAC Viet Nam Chairman Hoang Van Dung said major topics will include spurring technology transfer and hi-tech investment, stimulating infrastructure investment, supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), spurring regional financial market integration.

Investment Conference: ABAC Business Advisory Council, Jul 16 2012 With new FDI in Vietnam in 2012 likely to be one-half of 2010 levels, what about Vietnam and APEC’s Investment Facilitation Action Plan?

FDI into Vietnam continues to fall: down 27.3% in first half of 2012 FDI into Vietnam only registered US$ 5.96 billion in the first half of 2012, a sharp fall of 27.3% from the same period of 2011, and continuing the drop of 26% in 2011. If present trends continue, FDI in 2012 could be about one-half of FDI in 2010.

Myanmar: New challenges for Vietnam FDI FDI in Myanmar has skyrocketed since the country reopened its doors. From 2010 to 2011, it took in over US$ 20 billion in foreign capital, more than the amount it had received in the two previous decades. Of that number, China (including Hong Kong) is the largest foreign investor in Myanmar to the tune of US$ 15.5 billion followed by Thailand with US$ 9.56 billion, South Korea with US$ 2.92 billion, Britain with US$ 2.66 billion, and Singapore with US$ 1.82 billion.

Vietnam – U.S. Trade Status and Outlook, 2011 – 2020e (updated Jun 26, 2012) Based on four months’ data, bilateral trade may increase by about 10% over 2011, despite the difficult domestic and international economic environment. Growth of Vietnam’s apparel exports to the U.S. is likely to slow because of rising costs in Vietnam, increased competition from other supplier countries, and reduced demand in the United States.

OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) The first international benchmark to help governments in improving the corporate governance of SOEs. They are based on and fully compatible with the Principles, but are explicitly oriented to issues that are specific to the corporate governance of SOEs.

ADB: Asian Development Outlook 2012 – Vietnam Outlook Safeguarding the banking sector should be the immediate priority. The longer-term requirement is to develop a diversified and efficient financial system that can mobilize the funding to meet the 7-8 percent economic growth target. These complex reforms, which will take years to complete, would benefit from coordination with the proposed restructuring of SOEs.

China + One = Vietnam and ASEAN ASEAN has the third-largest economy in Asia, after Japan and China. U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI) into ASEAN totaled $130 billion in 2007, the largest destination for U.S. FDI in Asia, and has grown 55% since 2004. As a developing region, ASEAN per capita income is low but its GDP is rapidly growing: an almost 170% increase over the past decade.

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Raffle Prize Winners, USA Independence Day Celebration & Family Picnic
FDI into Vietnam continues to fall: down 27.3% in first half of 2012
Myanmar: New challenges for Vietnam: FDI in Myanmar has skyrocketed …
Welcome to new AmCham companies • Jan ~ Jun 2012
Tu, Jul 17 Legal & VBF Liaison Committee
Many Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs) face closure
Fr, Jul 13 U.S.-ASEAN Business Forum, Siam Reap, Cambodia
The unlearned lesson: Vinashin, VinaLines, and other SOEs’ inefficiencies
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