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Mon, Sep 24: Special Lunch. Advocacy Center ASEAN Manager John Tocco – in Hanoi Advocacy assistance is wide and varied but often involves U.S. companies that must communicate a message to foreign governments or government-owned corporations.

Tue, Sep 25: Special Lunch. Apparel Import Monitoring Program – Asst Secretary David Spooner The U.S. established a program to monitor U.S. imports of textile and apparel goods from Vietnam, in return for support of legislation approving Vietnam’s WTO accession and PNTR with the United States, and to review every six months as to whether there is sufficient evidence to initiate an antidumping investigation. The first six months of import data are now available and the biannual review is underway. U.S. imports of apparel from Vietnam have increased by 25% and are likely to reach US$ 4.25 billion in 2007.

Tue, Sep 25: Meeting to discuss Decree on FDI Payment of Trade Union Fee – Hanoi The intention of the Decision is that from 2008 the FDIs will have to pay the Trade Union fee at the rate of 1% of the enterprise total salary scheme. Click the link for information and to register by email, and to download the Draft Decision (VN) and the Recommendation of MPI to PM re the Draft Decision (VN and Eng).

Wed, Sep 26: BTA/WTO Implementation – Juliet Bender, Market Access and Compliance Review of BTA/WTO implementation and major market access and compliance issues facing U.S. companies in Vietnam, and hear what the U.S. government is doing to help address these important issues.

Leadership Experiences in Asia: Insights and Inspirations from 20 Innovators by Steven DeKrey. Click the link to download the presentation and to preview and purchase the book online from John Wiley & Sons.

Tue, Oct 2, First Advantage Asia-Pacific seeks meetings to set up office in Vietnam
FIRST ADVANTAGE ASIA PACIFIC provides a total solution to talent acquisition and is the largest provider of Employment Background Screening Services in the Asia region, for over 700 companies. We are planning to set up an office in Vietnam, and would like to meet with parties interested in learning about our services and who can provide feedback on doing business in Vietnam.

Thu, Oct 4: IP Challenges in an Emerging Market: Lessons from China While counterfeiting is not unique to China, the country’s unprecedented economic growth has led to a surge in counterfeiting that, in terms of size, scope and severity, appears to have no parallels in history. How members of the Quality Brands Protection Committee are dealing with these challenges in China and the Asia Pacific region.

Tue, Oct 9: Asian Trends and Vietnam’s Consumer Future What are the latest consumer trends in Vietnam, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific and how does this affect your company’s local and regional business? What is the economic and cultural impact of ASEAN trade and investment integration? In the Asia Pacific region, trom Australia to Japan, China to New Zealand, TNS has created the strongest custom research network in the region with over 30 years’ experience in 15 countries.

Wed, Oct 10: Deadline to submit applications for AmCham Scholarship Program 2007 In partnership with National University of Ho Chi Minh City (NUH), AmCham will grant scholarships to 20 top students of NUH including: University of Technology, University of Natural Sciences, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Economics.

Oct 10-14 HCMC International Furniture & Handicrafts Fair
Vietnam’s export of furniture for bedrooms has prospered for three years with export to the U.S. gaining the strongest growth. As a result, export revenue of bedroom furniture in 2005 was over US$ 200 million and surged to US$ 500 million out of US$ 2 billion of woodwork export turnover.

Tue-Wed, Oct 30-31. Southern Economic Zone Investment Mart 2007 The Southern Key Economic Zone includes Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Long An, Tay Ninh, Tien Giang, and is the most dynamic growth hub of Vietnam—representing 50% of the nation’s GDP, absorbing 60% of the FDI, accounting for two-thirds the international air traffic, and 80% of all containerized exports. the Investment and Trade Promotion Center of HCM City, together with all the provinces in the Southern Economic Zone, will organize a two-day conference for international investors to consider investment and business opportunities in the region.

Nov 4-8 U.S. Commerce Secretary Mission to Vietnam
The mission will highlight export opportunities for U.S. businesses, and is the first Secretarial Business Development mission to visit Vietnam. 25 leading U.S. enterprises will join the mission.

News and Issues Updates

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ASEAN at 40: Mid-Life Rejuvenatin? No other organization can challenge its role as the hub of regional multilateral diplomacy. ASEAN is waking up to its institutional deficiencies and trying to chart a new direction. Tommy Koh, a member of the intergovernmental committee drafting the ASEAN Charter, recently declared that “ASEAN is indeed reinventing itself.” He said, “The European Union is an inspiration, but not a model.”

Volker Report on World Bank anti-corruption effort “For much of the Bank’s history, the impact of corruption on development generally, and on the Bank’s lending operations in particular, was not faced squarely. . . . There remains now resistance among important parts of the Bank staff and some of its leadership to the work of INT.” Robert B. Zoellick, the bank’s new president, declared that the Volcker report was “excellent” and that “stealing from the poor is not acceptable.”

Key issues for the Information and Communication Technology Sector, 11pages
Vietnam has evolved rapidly into one of the fastest-growing technology export markets in Asia for the United States, and has also become a target for high-tech investment from U.S. firms. Yet Vietnam faces a number of complex challenges that hamper ICT growth. Click the link for info and to download the 11-page report from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

U.S. Commerce Department import monitoring program for textiles and apparel from Vietnam The first full six months of import data are now available and the biannual review is underway as of 14 Sep 2007. The review may take several weeks to complete. Total textile and apparel imports from Vietnam Jan-Jul were US$ 2.4 billion, up 25% over the same period last year. If present trends continue, U.S. imports of textiles and apparel from Vietnam in 2007 are likely to reach US$ 4.25 billion, a substantial increase over the US$ 3.4 billion in 2006.

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Thriving in a Global Economy: The Truth about U.S. Manufacturing and Trade
U.S. factories remain the world’s most prolific, accounting for more than 20 percent of the world’s added manufacturing value. By comparison, Chinese plants account for about 8 percent. Thus, for every dollar of product made in China, U.S. factories produce $ 2.50 of output.

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