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Business Leaders Forum, Dinner with Ambassador Shear, Palooza, Members Night
Vietnam's economy will continue to be as bleak in 2013, as in 2012 said Sanjay Kalra, resident representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Vietnam. Economic recovery greatly depends on economic restructuring, but the process is moving at a very slow pace. "I think it is a must to reduce bad debt in the banking system. Banks must accurately report on their bad debt," he said. He complained there was not much information about SOEs. Up-to-date information about SOEs is a prerequisite for reliable assessment, he said. Learning by experience of the last two rounds of inflation, the Government should focus on stabilizing the macro-economy rather than rushing to do something, for example, stimulating economic growth, which is not a sustainable way, he said.

Events, Meetings & Special Offers

Fr, May 24  

Business Leaders Forum - TPP Interests and Concerns for Businesses in Vietnam  

Whether your company HQ is in a member country of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement (FTA) or not, you will enjoy many of the benefits of the TPP FTA if your company is operating in Vietnam. The 17th Round of TPP Negotiations is now underway in Lima, Peru, from May 15 - 24, and ...

Fr, May 24

Dinner with U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, David Shear    

Understand the strategic importance of TPP and the meaning for your business. For over 30 years, Amb. Shear has served in key Asian capitals: Beijing, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, and Hanoi. In Washington, he has served in the Offices of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Affairs, as the Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Political Affairs, #2 in the State Department hierarchy, and as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

We, May 29

AmCham Members Night and Meet Consulate General 

AmCham invites you to attend a Members Night, with networking cocktails and buffet reception. Members' spouses and guests are not only invited but also encouraged to attend with you. The cocktail reception will offer networking opportunities for one-on-one conversations with the Consulate General Team, AmCham Governors, fellow members, and especially to meet new members. 

Committee Activities
When:     Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm 
Where:    Baker & McKenzie Offices

When:     Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 8:45 - 10:15 am
    Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon
Manufacturing Committee
When:    Tuesday, May 20, 2013 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
    AmCham Office 3F, New World Hotel Saigon

When:     Friday, May 24, 2013 - 3 - 5pm
    AmCham Office 3F, New World Hotel Saigon
Seeking funding for Child Genital Reconstruction Surgeries,
Hanoi, Vietnam, June 15 - 30, 2013, for 22 children in Hanoi and 8 in Da Nang who have lost their genitals through birth malformations and traumatic injuries. 
Dr. Roberto DeCastro (Bologne) and Dr. Dinh Tue (Houston) will perform 30 infant and child operations at no charge for the disadvantaged families. The entire mission requires $70,000. Any size donations appreciated.
For additional information contact: Greig Craft, President, AIP Foundation (a US 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity) | Tel: +84987186688 | Email: [email protected] - [email protected]


It's about time to learn more about predictive, preventive & regenerative health care in today daily lifestyle. Vitallife is honored to share with you the importance of preventive and anti-aging. We all need to balance our hormones, immunity...and understand the beauty from within our body. 


AmCham will continue its series of monthly informal networking events at the coolest and latest nightspots in Ho Chi Minh City. Free admission for members. VND 100,000/non-member. includes free canapes; special prices for drinks, charged upon consumption to individual guests by the Restaurant


Korean Air offers one of the largest global networks in the industry, connecting 125 cities in over 45 countries. Fly to your favorite destinations with us any day because we understand that the world is your stage.


In the 70 years of working directly with managers at all levels in organizations around the world, Hay Group has recognized that effective leaders share a core group of essential skills and behaviors. These managerial competencies include a clear understanding of the demands of the managerial role, as well as specific behaviors and approaches to directing and motivating a team in order to improve performance and productivity - and they are at the core of this workshop.  


Turner, the leading U.S. general contractor and project management company is going to celebrate its 111th birthday in May 2013 by sponsoring two well-known construction networking events in Vietnam: Lighthouse Club event on May 9th 2013, at RED Bar & Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City and Construction Night event on May 29th 2013, at My Way Restaurant in Hanoi. 


- The weekend sailing is really growing and we are delighted to announce that due to demand we offering sailing opportunities on Saturday & Sunday! 

- A new and updated High Tide website will be live by mid May - www.hightidesailing.vn 

- High Tide is introducing a monthly eNewsletter which will include great images from our weekends & useful information & links to sailing opportunities in VN with yachting news from around the world eg. America's Cup and regional yachting info

Promotion limited to first 20 patients from AmCham Members. 

Contact us: 

American Eye Center Vietnam 

5th Floor, Crescent Plaza | 105 Ton Dat Tien Street, District 7 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Tel: +84 8 5413 6758 | www.americaneyecentervn.com

News and Issues Updates
$40 million high-quality cotton yarn factory with 25,920 spindles. The parent company, established 1919, is one of the leading yarn and fabric manufacturers in S Korea. The factory's designed production capacity of 6,600 tons of yarn per year. When the plant is extended in its second and third phase (with registered investment of $160 million), it will be the largest mill in Asia, said Kim Joon, General Director of KyungBang Group.

The National Steering Committee for Tourism will present to the Government draft policies meant to make it easier for international tourists to come to Vietnam, including the loosened visa policy proposal. An official of the Vietnam National Tourism Administration told the Daily that the visa-free policy should be maintained for the seven major markets, including Japan, South Korea, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Besides, the visa-free stay for tourists should be 30 days instead of 15 days like now.

The AmCham Member Discounts Program is provided as a Membership Benefit. It serves as a mutually beneficial opportunity for both AmCham Members and AmCham Discount Partners. Members must present their AmCham Membership Card to receive special, privileged discounts offered by AmCham Discount Partners. A listing of discount offers is available in the annual Membership Discount Handbook (hardcopy) and on the AmCham website

Acting U.S.Trade Rrepresentative Marantis met with the head of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, Dang Ngoc Tung, to stress how important it is to the United States that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement include strong, enforceable labor provisions, including a responsibility to adopt and maintain the five core International Labor Organization standards on workers' rights, including the freedom to associate. The 11-member TPP, which is set to expand to include Japan following the successful conclusion of the domestic processes of the current TPP members, includes countries at varying levels of development. While all TPP partners are expected to meet the agreement's standards, the United States has committed to work with Vietnam to provide technical advice and assistance and to consider other flexibilities that will help it meet the high standards of the TPP - which will increase the TPP's potential to support jobs and economic growth in every member country.
He said that Vietnam recognizes the importance of the TPP and calls for relevant parties' efforts to complete negotiations soon. The two sides need to try to narrow the differences in their viewpoints in the fields of goods, service and investment, Ambassador Marantis said. Vietnam's participation in TPP negotiations reflects the government's determination to accelerate international economic integration, Ninh said. Both agreed that the two sides have achieved important outcomes during the TPP negotiations and will coordinate in reviewing differences and discussing ways to remove them in the next rounds.

Ambassador Marantis had high-level meetings on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), meeting with Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang and others. Ambassador Marantis continued to discuss issues that are becoming more and more important to resolve as TPP moves closer to conclusion, specifically, he raised the question of access to Vietnam's services sector for competitive American companies, and overall market access for American businesses wishing to trade with Vietnam.
WTO Import Licensing Committee: Questions for Vietnam
Viet Nam's licensing regime. The US, supported by the EU, welcomed Viet Nam's decision to temporarily suspend some import regulations applied to "a number of goods", but it regretted that Viet Nam had failed to provide the complete list of products, as required by the Import Licensing Agreement. It complained that six years after Viet Nam became a member, its import licensing regime remains unclear. Viet Nam said it would provide information about the products affected by import licensing and would work with members. See documents G/LIC/Q/VNM/4 (U.S. questions) and G/LIC/N/1/VNM/2 (VN Notification). ...
By providing a focal point for the deregulation and competitiveness measures that Japan's economy sorely needs, it helps achieve the single most important component of Prime Minister Abe's economic strategy: structural reform. For Japan, TPP participation also puts aside the concern that the third largest economy in the world, and fourth largest exporter, will play a marginal role in international trade negotiations. ... 
Japan is the fourth largest exporter in the world, but its trade policy is falling behind that of other countries, not just immense, low-wage China, but also advanced competitors like Korea. In 2003 Korea established a "roadmap" for free trade with all major trade partners and has nearly completed this mission. Korea has signed agreements with the European Union, the United States and many Asian neighbors, and by the end of 2012 had finished four rounds of negotiations with China. Economic analysis strongly supports the many Japanese business, academic and political leaders who are now urging membership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as well as other regional trade negotiations. Japan would be the largest beneficiary of a 13-member TPP agreement. Its GDP gains could reach $119 billion dollars per year, or 2.2 percent of GDP in 2025. Japanese exports would rise by 14 percent over baseline projections. These large gains depend in part on reducing non-tariff and investment barriers, an important feature of the TPP that should lead to substantial new foreign investment in Japan, greater exports of sophisticated manufactured products, and improvements in service productivity.
American Chamber in Japan Welcomes Japan's Entry into the TPP Talks

"Structural reform is one of the three key tenets of Prime Minister Abe's growth strategy that has come to be known as Abenomics. These reforms will encourage investment and innovation and improve transparency and corporate governance. Growth in Japan's economy will not only be good for ACCJ member companies doing business in Japan but will also provide a stronger market for American exports which means more jobs in the United States." 

Vietnam's state coal miner may make it onto a list of the world's top mining companies by just one measure: its workforce. With almost 140,000 staff, it has more than BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP) and Rio Tinto Plc (RIO) combined. Vietnam National Coal Mineral Industries had about $4 billion in sales last year, compared with a combined $123 billion for BHP and Rio Tinto, the world's biggest mining companies. The difference in productivity shows the need and challenge facing Vietnam's structural reform of SOEs.

State sector touted as main economic driver again
It is once again stated that the State economic sector plays the leading role in the economy in the updated draft version of the amended Constitution, according to the Committee for Drafting Amendments to the 1992 Constitution. The drafting committee explained the statement "the State economic sector plays the leading role in the economy" helped identify the pivotal role of the State sector and reflected the nature of the regime. The committee proposed the draft should alternatively say that "the State develops the socialist-oriented market economy, with various forms of ownership, with various economic sectors in which the State economic sector plays the key role and together with the collective economic sector lays a solid foundation for the national economy. "The private economic sector is one of the driving forces for the economy, while the foreign-invested economic sector is encouraged for development," says the draft.
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