It is a well-known fact that keeping an overall positive attitude throughout challenging times is of great benefit to both our physical and emotional health. It allows us to think clearer and it facilitates resilience.  Yet part of our human existence is also composed by difficult emotions and negative feelings. Toxic positivity operates on the idea that we should experience exclusively positive emotions.

When we fail to recognize, and acknowledge, difficult emotions that are profoundly real for us, we struggle with regulating them properly. This can lead to malfunctioning coping mechanisms, or in a simpler term: bad habits. Recognizing and understanding the difficult emotions experienced during ambiguous and uncertain times will allow us to regulate our negative thoughts. A lockdown can trigger several feelings we might not know how to channel. By accepting the fact that some days are harder than others, you have a better chance to cope with your anger. You will start using your words instead of becoming aggressive. You will be better at managing grief by integrating with others and making connections, as opposed to isolation and withdrawal. You will also find yourself dealing with fear by practicing self-compassion and not impulsive thoughtlessness.

Rise above the idea that negative feelings are bad. Your behavior has a better chance to improve when you integrate all your emotions instead of dismissing those that make you feel uncomfortable.