Virtual AmCham Capital Market Committee Meeting - April (For AmCham Members Only)

Apr 6, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Please register to get the link for virtual attendance.

Meeting Objectives

  • Understand the value offered from the Keynote Speaker, have clear follow up actionable items
  • Revisit previous key topics and follow up or close issue
  • Conduct a productive, professional, informative, and enjoyable meeting for CMC members


04:00 PMWelcome
04:00 PMIntroduce Capital Market Committee to new members
04:05 PMMembers self introduction
04:10 PMOld business/recap previous meeting topics
04:20 PMKey Topic
04:20 PMKeynote Speaker: Ryan Hollowell, US Commercial Service/US Consulate General on resources offered by the US Government that could impact CMC’s objectives and US capital markets professionals in Vietnam
04:40 PMQ&A
04:50 PMFollow up on SME fund raising discussion from previous meeting
05:05 PMFeedback on CMC’s proposed mission and objectives
05:20 PMAction Planning
05:20 PMActions, Owners & Timeframes
05:25 PMSchedule Next Meeting
05:30 PMEnd