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Computing Tips

Dining in HCM City

Avian and Pandemic Flu
Avian and Pandemic Flu – News Updates

Employment Opportunities with AmCham Member Companies

Doing Business in Vietnam
Finding Suppliers in Vietnam

FCPA – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Doing Business in the U.S.
Finding Suppliers in the U.S.

Import Duties-USA
Import Duties-Vietnam

Travel in Asia – Business
Travel to US – Visas
Travel to Vietnam

For U.S. Citizens
Overseas Voter Registration
Overseas Travel or Residence Registration
American Citizens Services in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

Weather in Vietnam

For U.S. Companies
Newspaper Ads in Vietnam
Finding suppliers in Vietnam
How do I export to Vietnam
Import Duties – Vietnam
Vietnam’s Ratings: Moody’s, Standard & Poors, Fitch’s, etc., Transparency International

For Vietnamese Companies
Importing from the USA.
How to find information about US companies/prospective business partners
Travel to US – Visas

Employment in Vietnam
NGO Status in Vietnam?
Retiring in Vietnam?
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