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“Hi, I’m Sam Hoang, AmCham’s Membership Services Executive. We have prepared the below information to make your membership application as quick and easy as possible, but if you have any questions, please send an email to me at, or give me a call at +84 28 3824 3562.”


AmCham Vietnam welcomes qualified applicants for new member and associate companies. Please click here to download a Membership Application Form (DOC | PDF), complete it, and email or fax it to us (at +84 28 3824 3572), along with the below supporting documents.


The AmCham Vietnam Charter, Article III provides for the following types of membership and participation:

Company—Substantial investment or operational interest held by United States legal entities or citizens, legally established in Vietnam, as determined by the Board of Governors. Not yet established, or just getting set up in Vietnam? Then you can join as a Non-Resident Company (see below).

Additional—A form of membership available to individuals who are employed by a company holding a Company Membership, other than the Company Member’s two Company Representatives.

Non-Resident—A form of membership available to any party who would otherwise qualify for Company Membership but for the fact that it is not resident in Ho Chi Minh City.

Associate Company—For companies that are are legally established in Vietnam but not eligible for Company Membership, whose business relationships with the United States or with United States companies are such that their membership in AmCham will, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, contribute towards achievement of the objectives of AmCham. Internationally-owned companies or Vietnamese-owned companies involved in trade and investment with the United States or with U.S. companies may participate in AmCham as “associate companies.”

Non-Governmental Organization—A form of membership available to non-governmental organizations legally operating in Ho Chi Minh City.

Honorary—Such members of the American community as the relevant Chapter Board of Governors deems appropriate. The United States Ambassador to Vietnam, Consuls General of United States Consulates in Vietnam, and the United States Commercial Officers in each American diplomatic/consular facility in Vietnam, and others invited by the Board of Governors.


Dues are payable on an annual basis.

(*) You only need to pay this one-time application fee when your application is successful. This fee is paid in addition to your annual dues. 

Due to new Central Bank regulations, all deposit/payments to AmCham accounts must be paid in VND to value of the exchange rate of the day. International transfers are still accepted.


AmCham Vietnam was licensed by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on September 19, 1998 as an “international business association” on the basis of the Decree of the Government Promulgating the Regulations on the Establishment of International Business Associations in Vietnam, Decree No. 8/1998/ND-CP, 22 Jan 98. According to the decree and AmCham’s Charter, companies must be legally established in Vietnam, including representative offices, foreign invested enterprises, or branch offices and must submit their business licenses demonstrating their status as part of the Membership Application. Membership applicants must submit the following items:

  1. AmCham HCMC Membership Application Form (DOC | PDF
  2. Copy of ID page of Passport (to show citizenship)
  3. Copy of Representative Office License, FDI License, or Branch Office License indicating that the applicant is legally established in Vietnam

The completed Membership Application documents can be sent by email to Ms. Sam Hoang or by fax to +84 28 3824 3572.


This is one of our actions to enhance your membership experience. Your membership gives you an exclusive access to specialized tools to promote your organization and network online with fellow members via the new online Member Information Center. LOG IN today to update your information and start using new features!


An online Membership Directory is available for general information. This directory presents information about all member companies, as well as listing associated member representative(s). Each AmCham member company is listed, along with address, tel/fax, a “Contact Us” email capability, a link to the member’s website, a description of their business, as well as a summary of their activities in Vietnam. AmCham Vietnam members can log-in to the site to view contact information for other members. AmCham Vietnam members also receive an annual hard-copy Membership Directory that is published annually in April.