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Rights and obligations of foreigners in criminal proceedings

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When one hears the term “criminal”, most people think of something very serious.  In fact, in Vietnam it most certainly is.  Different from commercial, civil or administrative proceedings that can be solved with money, criminal proceedings can involve a progression of steps beginning with an arrest and escalating to imprisionment.  Further, you have no right to avoid participating in a criminal proceeding and you should be aware that the Government will enforce the “Rights and Obligations” in a very strict manner.

If you are a foreigner living and working in Vietnam and are not familiar with the criminal procedure of the host country, it may lead to significant difficulties in protecting your legal rights and interests.  This seminar will provide a vital in-depth analysis and summarization of the “Rights and Obligations of Foreigners in Criminal Proceedings”, and aims to provide specific guidance in real-life situations that foreigners may face when becoming a participant in a criminal case in Vietnam.

The workshop will focus on the following critical issues and solutions

· Scope and application of the Criminal Procedures Code as it applies to foreigners;

· Eligibility to join the proceedings;

· Authorization in criminal proceedings (legal representation);

· Rights and obligations of foreigners in the pre-trial period (should the case appear to have criminal implications);

· Foreigners’ rights and obligations in the procedural stages (criminal cases);

· Preventive and other enforcement measures taken by the Government to enforce the Criminal Procedures Code (penalties); and

· Real-life situations that foreigners often encounter in the criminal proceedings and potential solutions.

Those who are encouraged to participate:

  • Foreigners who are living, studying or working in Vietnam;
  • Legal Departments of Foreign-invested Enterprises; and
  • Other persons or entities who may potentially have interaction with the Criminal Procedures Code in the present or in the future.


08:30 AM Registration & Refreshment
09:00 AM Welcome Remarks
09:10 AM Presentation and Q&A
10:30 AM Event ends


AmCham Members: VND 650,000 | Non-members: VND 800,000

Reservations/cancellations must be received by 24 hours before the event, and must be made on-line or by email. We are unable to accept reservations/cancellations by telephone.


Stephen Le Hoang Chuong, Senior Litigator, Le & Tran

Stephen is the senior litigator and founder of Le & Tran. With over 16 years of extensive experience, Stephen has impressive litigation experience and a wealth of knowledge and understanding ranging from business litigation, judgment enforcement, criminal proceedings, and internal and external corporate regulatory compliance.

He was honored in Hong Kong in 2017 as the Disputes Star of the Year of Vietnam by AsiaLaw Profiles. He has also led the firm to become one of the top tier firms ranked by Chambers & Partners, BenchMark Litigation, Legal500, Asian Legal Business in 2017 and 2018.

PETRONAS (Malaysia’s fully integrated oil and gas multinational ranked among the largest corporations in FORTUNE Global 500®) endorsed Stephen and LE & TRAN as follows:

“COMPETENCY – From the interview during the selection of law firms for acting on behalf of PETRONAS, we view LE & TRAN has strong litigation background / strategic skills in providing legal opinion. In addition, LE & TRAN confirmed that it could provide speedy turn-around time which is a very important criteria for PETRONAS in the selection of a suitable law firm. Our first impression was that LE & TRAN readily provided a solution to the current issue presented and added value to our company as well as exhibiting reasonable legal costs / fees.

PROFESSIONALISM AND ACCOUNTABILITY – During the first task given, it was observed that the head advocate and solicitor, Mr. Stephen, is a highly motivated lawyer who exhibited a desire to achieve results above and beyond expectations for the best interests of PETRONAS. Mr. Stephen demonstrated, especially to our Malaysian colleagues, a higher standard of professionalism than most, both on a personal and professional level by promoting strong values, maintaining solid accountability for his words/ actions and never making excuses in managing any task given to him by PETRONAS. He accepts responsibility for the decision made and remains calm in a crisis or emergency situation.

FOCUS AND EXECUTION – LE & TRAN proved to PETRONAS its ability to effectively execute tasks by showing a strong, unstoppable drive to push forward the completion of any assignment given. In addition, Mr. Stephen’s strength is his ability to understand and manage his client’s expectations which is crucial to achieve the desired result. Further, Stephen has the ability to confront others on any issues without fear of adverse arguments. He also realizes how to approach the client in a cordial, respectful, and honest way to address concerns.”

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