Manufacturing Committee


Leadership Team

Board Liaison/Chair Jonathan L. MorenoMedovations Vietnam
Co-Chair Milton Hagler, BriskHeat Vietnam
Vice Chair Tam Nguyen, Intel Products Vietnam
Vice Chair Ulrik Soll, Sherwin-Williams
Secretary Garth Vandeslunt, Fluid Power and Controls Co., Ltd.
Supplier Day Lead Trang Nguyen, Long Hau Corporation
Customs Working Group Lead Nestor Sherbey, CTRMS Ltd.
Special events & Factory Benmarking Lead TBD


To increase the value of AmCham membership for its manufacturing sector members, including the supporting supply chain, by providing networking opportunities and collaborative solutions which could not be achieved as effectively by individual member companies.

Committee Goals

•  Grow the AmCham membership base of manufacturing companies

•  Strengthen the local supply chain

•  Encourage and support the movement of Viet Nam customs towards more modern and transparent processes


1.  Create a vibrant committee of 20~25 active members that participate regularly (monthly) in committee meetings/events and at least an additional 100 (“passive”) members that participate several times throughout the year. This committee would serve to address issues identified by the manufacturing community.

2.  Create a network of local vendors that are able and qualified to support manufacturing companis. Obtain information to make the customs process more efficient, transparent, and convenient for manufacturing companies.

3.  Obtain information to make the customs process more efficient, transparent, and convenient for manufacturing companies.

2016 Action Plan

2016 meeting minutes and presentations



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Key Issues for the Manufacturing Committee

Customs and Trade Facilitation
WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (Bali)
  World Bank Trade Facilitation Support Program
Vietnam Trade Facilitation Alliance
 eCustoms (Intel model)
 Developing a Robust Supplier Base

D&B Supplier Management Solutions
Trade and Investment Agreements
 Trans-Pacific Partnership FTA
 Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)
 ASEAN Economic Blueprint 2015
Human Capital, Industrial Relations
Compensation Surveys , Minimum Wage 2015
Work Force Development / Training

2015 Action Plan

2014 Minutes  and Presentations (for Committee’s members only)

Supplier Day Survey

Manufacturing Committee 2014

Posted: Apr 3, 2013; Updated: May 3, 2015