Below is a list of students with completed applications, including:
– (1) all questions answered in compulsory sections,
– (2) the REQUIRED scanned overall GPA certificate with the official stamp of the university,
– (3) the OPTIONAL scanned copy of your Achievement and Social Activity certificate (if any).

Please kindly note that we only accept application forms created from Sep 4th 2018, which means your app number must be 2019xxxx. Once you submit your application, you can not edit it anymore.

Results of Screening will be posted on Nov 4th 2019. Qualified candidates will join the next round – Ability Test.


Received by 5pm, Sep 9th 2019

No.Application NumberConfirmed dateFull Name
1201900849/5/2019 15:47Thai Quoc Dat
2201900479/6/2019 0:43Lê Nguyễn Minh Long
3201900749/6/2019 17:05Nguyễn Nhựt Trường
4201900309/7/2019 15:27Vo Thi Thuy Kieu
5201901699/8/2019 16:10Lê Hoài Nam

Received by 5pm, Sep 16th 2019

No.Application NumberConfirmed DateFull  Name
1201901859/11/2019 9:01Hoàng Thị Phương Nam
2201901359/11/2019 18:15Đào Lê Phương Nam
3201902489/13/2019 21:54Le Si Lac
4201902559/14/2019 13:40Châu Dũ Tường
5201902569/14/2019 17:33Nguyễn Hữu Nguyên
6201900999/14/2019 22:31Nguyễn Đức Cường
7201902679/15/2019 14:47Trần Lê Quế Trân
8201900119/15/2019 21:57CHU TIEN DAT