Congratulations on passing the screening round of AmCham Scholarship 2019Now welcome you all to the ability test.

Time:Saturday, 9th Nov 2019
Venue:Equatorial Hotel 262 Tran Binh Trong, District 5, HCM


Bach Khoa University

No.Application NumberFull NameUniversity
120190455Trần Diễm HươngBach Khoa University
220190773Phạm Thanh HuyBach Khoa University
320190052Nguyễn Ngọc Như QuỳnhBach Khoa University
420190967Ngô Kim HảoBach Khoa University
520190982Võ Thị Kiều TrinhBach Khoa University
620190476Trần Minh KhoaBach Khoa University
720190791Đàm Quang PhướcBach Khoa University
820190362Đặng Nguyễn Ngọc MinhBach Khoa University
920190730Nguyễn Thanh BìnhBach Khoa University
1020190630Phạm Trần Thanh TâmBach Khoa University
1120190179Hà Xuân KhangBach Khoa University
1220190013Võ Thường SanBach Khoa University
1320190099Nguyễn Đức CườngBach Khoa University
1420190073Tăng Ngọc TuấnBach Khoa University
1520190551Trần Ngọc Minh ThưBach Khoa University
1620190741Phạm Đức HuyBach Khoa University
1720190980Võ Thế DuyBach Khoa University
1820190503Nguyen Gia BaoBach Khoa University
1920190780Nguyễn Phạm Quỳnh TrâmBach Khoa University
2020190516Phạm Đơn NguyênBach Khoa University
2120190745Lê Xuân HuyBach Khoa University
2220191105Trần Nguyễn Thu HiếuBach Khoa University
2320190597Phạm Văn ThắngBach Khoa University
2420190851Nguyễn Trí LễBach Khoa University
2520190054Nguyễn Trần Thiên PhúcBach Khoa University
2620190703Nguyễn Hoài TânBach Khoa University
2720190879Nguyễn HuynhBach Khoa University
2820190943Lê Thị Như QuỳnhBach Khoa University
2920190692Lý Thị Xuân NgânBach Khoa University
3020190956Đồng Khả VyBach Khoa University
3120190162Le Thi Thu UyenBach Khoa University
3220190495Nguyễn Thị Kim LinhBach Khoa University
3320190381Bui Tan LocBach Khoa University
3420190694Phù Mỹ LâmBach Khoa University
3520191010Phạm Thị Thanh BạchBach Khoa University
3620190141Nguyễn Vũ Đức NhânBach Khoa University
3720190283Nguyễn Phạm Ngọc TuấnBach Khoa University
3820190571Kim ToànBach Khoa University
3920191041Dương Thị Thu NhungBach Khoa University
4020190948Nguyen Hoang Quang HuyBach Khoa University
4120190045Ngô Hoàng Anh VyBach Khoa University
4220190117Vũ Xuân LâmBach Khoa University
4320190296Pham Thuy TrangBach Khoa University
4420190124Trần Xuân QuỳnhBach Khoa University
4520190292Lê Ngọc Thành ĐạtBach Khoa University

Banking University

NoApplication NumberFull NameUniversity
120190223Đỗ Thị Như QuỳnhBanking University – HCMC
220190350Lê Thị Thanh TrinhBanking University – HCMC
320190473Lương Thị Thu HiềnBanking University – HCMC
420190724Lê Hoài PhươngBanking University – HCMC
520190390Trần Ngọc Anh ThưBanking University – HCMC
620190858Trương Thị Kim NgânBanking University – HCMC
720190024Nguyễn Thị Tố OanhBanking University – HCMC
820190902Trần Lương Minh HiếuBanking University – HCMC

Foreign Trade University

No.App No.Full NameUniversity
120190550Diệp Đỉnh KhangForeign Trade University – HCMC
220190221Phan Hà Gia HuyForeign Trade University – HCMC
320190666Nguyễn Võ Trung HiếuForeign Trade University – HCMC
420190557Cao Bội NgọcForeign Trade University – HCMC
520190301Trịnh Công MinhForeign Trade University – HCMC
620190037Huỳnh Ngọc Bảo AnhForeign Trade University – HCMC
720190293Nguyễn Trí TuấnForeign Trade University – HCMC
820190662Lê Đình TâyForeign Trade University – HCMC
920190777Phạm Đồng Gia ĐịnhForeign Trade University – HCMC
1020190881Nguyen Thi Bao ThucForeign Trade University – HCMC
1120190614Hà Thanh NghĩaForeign Trade University – HCMC
1220190585Đỗ Hồng VânForeign Trade University – HCMC
1320190608Nguyễn Xuân VinhForeign Trade University – HCMC
1420190709Lê Phan Loan AnhForeign Trade University – HCMC
1520190697Lê Thanh NhânForeign Trade University – HCMC
1620190800Đỗ Thị Minh YếnForeign Trade University – HCMC
1720190668Châu Ngọc Hoa ThyForeign Trade University – HCMC
1820190280Trần Quang LinhForeign Trade University – HCMC
1920190828Lê Hoài ThươngForeign Trade University – HCMC
2020190613Phạm Tuyết LinhForeign Trade University – HCMC
2120190801Lê Nguyễn Đình TrườngForeign Trade University – HCMC
2220190921Huynh Thu HaForeign Trade University – HCMC
2320190505Nguyễn Thị Hạ LinhForeign Trade University – HCMC
2420190786Nguyễn Đức Quang KhangForeign Trade University – HCMC
2520190682Nguyễn Thị Diễm QuỳnhForeign Trade University – HCMC
2620190626Nguyễn Khoa Minh ChâuForeign Trade University – HCMC
2720190796Nguyễn Lê Phương ThyForeign Trade University – HCMC
2820190687Phan Minh NamForeign Trade University – HCMC
2920190753Lưu Bảo TrânForeign Trade University – HCMC
3020190708Nguyễn Phúc ThiệnForeign Trade University – HCMC
3120190887Nguyễn Yến NhiForeign Trade University – HCMC
3220190377Bùi Phạm Quỳnh MyForeign Trade University – HCMC
3320190391Trần Tố HảoForeign Trade University – HCMC
3420190183Hồ Thị XinhForeign Trade University – HCMC
3520190660Huỳnh Thị Vân ThanhForeign Trade University – HCMC
3620190740Đỗ Thanh PhongForeign Trade University – HCMC
3720190853Trần Quốc BảoForeign Trade University – HCMC
3820190522Pham Thi Hong NhungForeign Trade University – HCMC
3920190732Ông Đức NhaForeign Trade University – HCMC
4020190890Phan Thành KôngForeign Trade University – HCMC
4120190510Đặng Huy TháiForeign Trade University – HCMC
4220190678Trần Thái Bảo HânForeign Trade University – HCMC
4320190382Nguyễn Thanh PhongForeign Trade University – HCMC
4420190840Lộ Hồng ViệtForeign Trade University – HCMC
4520190744Trần Tiến PhátForeign Trade University – HCMC

FPT University

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190994Lương Thị Xuân HươngFPT University
220190957Ho Xuan VuongFPT University

University of Technology and Education

No.App No.Full NameUniversity
120190722Dương Gia Khánh LinhHCM University of Technology and Education
220190635Nguyễn Văn ĐiềuHCM University of Technology and Education
320190058Lê Thị Tường ViHCM University of Technology and Education
420190884Bùi Thị Cẩm PhấnHCM University of Technology and Education
520190126Lê Thị Ngọc TuyềnHCM University of Technology and Education
620190999Đinh Như ÝHCM University of Technology and Education
720190111Trần NguyênHCM University of Technology and Education
820191003Lê Qui ChíHCM University of Technology and Education
920190579Võ Thị MộtHCM University of Technology and Education
1020191083Trương Thị Mỹ LệHCM University of Technology and Education
1120190057Trần Thị Ngọc GươngHCM University of Technology and Education
1220190979Lê Thị Ngọc TrâmHCM University of Technology and Education
1320191104Phạm Thị Ánh XuânHCM University of Technology and Education

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HCMC University of Technology (HUTECH)

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190563Lê Thảo QuỳnhHCMC University of Technology (HUTECH)
220191053Lê Quang HiệpHCMC University of Technology (HUTECH)
320190366Nguyễn Tuấn VũHCMC University of Technology (HUTECH)

Hoa Sen University

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190504Lương Mai Thuý PhượngHoa Sen University
220190734Võ Tuyết TrinhHoa Sen University

International University - VNU

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120191071Trần Như TríInternational University
220190974Nguyễn Thị Thanh NhạnInternational University
320191040Võ Thị Thanh NhànInternational University
420190216Nguyễn Huỳnh Ngọc ThưInternational University
520190648Đỗ Thị Thanh TuyềnInternational University
620191089Thạch Nguyễn Bích HàInternational University
720190561Phan Phuong DuyInternational University
820190726Phan Huỳnh Thùy DươngInternational University
920190490Huỳnh Triệu MẫnInternational University
1020190991Nguyễn Vân QuỳnhInternational University
1120191022Lê Nguyễn Hoàng NgọcInternational University
1220190252Nguyễn Thế AnhInternational University
1320190166Thái Trí NhânInternational University
1420190768Nguyễn Thị Ngân HàInternational University
1520190833Lê Nguyễn Hoàng VinhInternational University
1620190631Đoàn Nguyễn Phương NguyênInternational University
1720190140TâmInternational University
1820190080Nguyễn Trần Chí HiếuInternational University
1920190500Đặng Vân Thuỷ CúcInternational University
2020191077Lã Thị Thanh ThảoInternational University
2120190964Nguyễn Thái Bảo NhưInternational University
2220191007Dương Thị Kim TuyếtInternational University
2320191080Nguyễn Lê Phương ThảoInternational University
2420190457Phạm Nhật TânInternational University
2520190198Võ Đình DoãnInternational University
2620190669Nguyễn Tri Minh DuyInternational University
2720190389Diệp Gia TườngInternational University
2820190750Cao Ngọc ÁnhInternational University

School of Medicine - VNU

App No.Full NameUniversity
20190573Phạm Hữu NghiêmSchool of Medicine – VNU

University of Economics HCMC

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190274Nguyễn Vũ HoàngUniversity of Economics HCMC
220190346Phạm Thị Ngọc ThanhUniversity of Economics HCMC
320190915Bùi Thị Kim NgânUniversity of Economics HCMC
420190309Nguyễn Ngọc Thanh QuyênUniversity of Economics HCMC
520190924Võ Nhật NamUniversity of Economics HCMC
620190400Hoàng Vũ ThắngUniversity of Economics HCMC
720190645Võ Nguyễn Phương UyênUniversity of Economics HCMC
820190204Đỗ Hải NamUniversity of Economics HCMC
920190766Trịnh Hồ Anh PhươngUniversity of Economics HCMC
1020190886Trần Thị Minh PhươngUniversity of Economics HCMC
1120190339Nguyễn Dương Trung TínUniversity of Economics HCMC
1220190761Trần Vũ Như AnhUniversity of Economics HCMC
1320190286Hà Minh Trúc AnhUniversity of Economics HCMC
1420190736NGUYỄN TRUNG TÍNUniversity of Economics HCMC
1520190723Dư Hoàng KhangUniversity of Economics HCMC
1620190395Huỳnh Ngọc Trúc LinhUniversity of Economics HCMC
1720190583Dường Phat PhónUniversity of Economics HCMC
1820190202Trần Thị Bích NgọcUniversity of Economics HCMC
1920190883Hồ Võ Minh NhânUniversity of Economics HCMC
2020190215Lê Huỳnh TrangUniversity of Economics HCMC
2120190015Nguyễn Thị Mỹ HuệUniversity of Economics HCMC
2220190227Đặng Thúy HằngUniversity of Economics HCMC
2320190100Nguyễn Thị Hải HươngUniversity of Economics HCMC
2420190855Nguyễn Thị Cẩm ChâuUniversity of Economics HCMC
2520190643Phan Nhật QuangUniversity of Economics HCMC
2620190235Trần Nguyễn Anh ThưUniversity of Economics HCMC
2720190903Lê Thị Mỹ LinhUniversity of Economics HCMC
2820190738Lê Quang HuyUniversity of Economics HCMC
2920190081Nguyễn Ngọc Minh UyênUniversity of Economics HCMC
3020190480Nguyễn Lê Thụy ĐanUniversity of Economics HCMC
3120190424Lê Thị Ngọc NhungUniversity of Economics HCMC
3220190520Nguyễn Sĩ Trường ĐạtUniversity of Economics HCMC

University of Economics and Law

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190769Mạc Bùi Thiên ThảoUniversity of Economics and Law
220190451Đoàn Thanh HảiUniversity of Economics and Law
320190239Phạm Ngọc NhiêuUniversity of Economics and Law
420190629Trần Ngọc Anh MinhUniversity of Economics and Law
520190413Nguyễn Phan Hoài ThươngUniversity of Economics and Law
620190038Nguyễn Thị Hoài AnhUniversity of Economics and Law
720190664NGUYEN THI QUYNH ANHUniversity of Economics and Law
820190627Bùi Đức HảiUniversity of Economics and Law
920190354Đinh Thị Minh AnhUniversity of Economics and Law
1020191044Nguyễn Thị Mỹ HằngUniversity of Economics and Law
1120190754Phạm Thị Ngọc TúUniversity of Economics and Law
1220191062Nguyễn Lê Bảo ChâuUniversity of Economics and Law
1320190199Nguyễn Thị Hải HàUniversity of Economics and Law
1420190474Phan Mai Thanh NgânUniversity of Economics and Law
1520191028Nguyễn Hồng PhươngUniversity of Economics and Law
1620190546Hà Mai ThyUniversity of Economics and Law
1720190993Nguyễn Thị Kim PhượngUniversity of Economics and Law
1820190731Nguyễn Hương HuyềnUniversity of Economics and Law
1920190935Bùi Thị Thanh ThúyUniversity of Economics and Law

University of Finance and Marketing

App No.Full NameUniversity
20190749Trần Thị Mỹ DungUniversity of Finance and Marketing

University of Information and Technology

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190050Phan Quốc TuấnUniversity of Information Technology
220191042Nguyễn Thị Thanh ThủyUniversity of Information Technology
320190248Le Si LacUniversity of Information Technology

University of Law

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120191099Nguyễn Ngọc Phương TrinhUniversity of Law – HCMC
220190699Hoàng Thị Thúy VyUniversity of Law – HCMC
320190675Trần Nguyễn Phương AnhUniversity of Law – HCMC
420191059Nguyễn Vũ KiênUniversity of Law – HCMC
520190212Nguyễn Bích ChiêuUniversity of Law – HCMC
620191048Trần Thị DiệnUniversity of Law – HCMC
720191011NGUYỄN PHÚ KIM THƯUniversity of Law – HCMC
820190095Phạm Thị Bảo NgânUniversity of Law – HCMC
920190790Hoàng Thị Bích NgọcUniversity of Law – HCMC

University of Science

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190781Lê Tấn Đăng TâmUniversity of Science
220191058Ngo Le Phuong TrinhUniversity of Science
320190707Nguyễn Hiền Tuấn DuyUniversity of Science
420190593Võ Hồ Mỹ PhúcUniversity of Science
520190531Lê Phương ThiUniversity of Science
620190990Nguyễn Ngọc Phương TrangUniversity of Science
720191102Ngô Bá Hoàng ThiênUniversity of Science
820190882nguyen phuoc nhu thuanUniversity of Science
920190537Lý Thành TínUniversity of Science
1020191066NGUYEN LE BAO HANUniversity of Science

University of Social Sciences and Humanities

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190104Trần Nguyễn Quỳnh NhưUniversity of Social Sciences and Humanities
220190132Đặng Thị Kha VyUniversity of Social Sciences and Humanities
320190402Lê Minh ThưUniversity of Social Sciences and Humanities

Vietnamese - German University

NoApp No.Full NameUniversity
120190870Huỳnh Thùy LinhVietnamese – German University
220190611Cái Thị Quỳnh GiaoVietnamese – German University
320190022Nguyễn Mỹ DươngVietnamese – German University
420190066Nguyễn Bảo ÂnVietnamese – German University
520190150Phan Thanh PhongVietnamese – German University
620190958Nguyễn Trọng KhiêmVietnamese – German University
720190966Võ Hồng PhúcVietnamese – German University
820190397Đỗ Nguyên HoàngVietnamese – German University
920191088Nguyễn Hồng Lam GiangVietnamese – German University
1020190156Đào Khánh DuyVietnamese – German University
1120191084Nguyen Dao Thuy TienVietnamese – German University
1220190710Nguyễn Phan Bảo ViệtVietnamese – German University
1320190279Triệu Gia ÂnVietnamese – German University
1420190844Doan Thai Thien LocVietnamese – German University
1520190441Trần Học PhúcVietnamese – German University
1620190610Phan Huệ ChiVietnamese – German University