AmCham Vietnam Supports Local Business – AmCham 2020 Discount Partner Program

We know many businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout Vietnam are struggling, due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. And we know the impact of the outbreak has been particularly hard on small, local businesses.

We at AmCham want to support local businesses which contribute so much to our quality of life in Vietnam by inviting them to join our 2020 AmCham Discount Partnership Program. Please consider joining for your company or refer a favorite local business by sending their email address or a copy of their business card to Membership Manager Sam Hoang at  [email protected]

Companies can choose what level discount or special offer they provide. We just ask that they follow “Most Favored Association” treatment and provide us at least the same percentage discount or special offer that they may already provide other local associations. In return, we will promote our AmCham Discount Partners businesses and encourage our members to become their regular customers as described below:

What is the 2020 AmCham Discount Partnership Program?

✓    A program in which partner businesses promote their business by offering a special discount to more than  1500 AmCham top-profile individuals  who are representatives of over  500 AmCham Company Members.

Why join?

✓   As part of our #AmChamVietnamHCMC #supportlocalbusiness campaign, we will feature select partner businesses on our Facebook page and website

✓    Your company will be promoted widely to all AmCham members, partners, and website subscribers.

✓    Discount offers are  free  to be listed in our AmCham Discount Partner Handbook on our website at  LINK  (our website has over 180,000 visitors/year and 500,000 views/year).
✓   Your business can enjoy member rates when booking advertisements on our  Member Discount OnlineWeekly Update Email  and  eBlast Email .

✓   Your special promotion programs can be published on AmCham’s website    LINK

How to join?

✓   Fill in the  Participation Form   HERE .

✓   Book an Advertisement on Discount ONLINE ( Optional ):  REGISTER HERE

If have any questions regarding our program, please contact Membership Manager Sam Hoang at [email protected]

We value and want to support our local businesses!