Education and Training Committee


The Education and Training Committee of AmCham seeks to: 1) increase the skill levels of the Vietnamese people so that they are more productive in commercial enterprise, can command higher salaries, and can help boost Vietnam’s prosperity; 2) raise the general level of education of the people in Vietnam so that they can become creative problem solvers who think critically about their lives and the future of their families and their country.

Current Priorities/focus areas

Top Categories selected:

  1. Workforce Development
    1. English
    2. Vocational training
    3. Technical education
  2. Education Innovation
    1. Liberal Arts
    2. STEM education/technical education
    3. Online education
    4. Underrepresented groups
  3. Student Well Being
    1. Safeguarding
    2. Learning disabilities
  4. Student Mobility and Access to Education
    1. Underrepresented groups
    2. Online education
    3. Scholarships

What are the objectives of this committee?

  • Advocacy
  • Networking


Board Liaison: Alexandra Sasha Stinchfield, Associate Managing Director & Chief of Staff, Arizona State University

Chair: Bob Connolly, General Director, Crossroads Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Innovation Group Leader: Bob Connolly, General Director, Crossroads Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Student well-being Group Leader: Lester Stephens, Head of School, International School Saigon Pearl

Workforce Development Group Leader: Robert Sherwood, Director of Advancement, American Education Group (AEG)

Board Liaison

Alexandra Sasha Stinchfield
Associate Managing Director & Chief of Staff, Arizona State University

Sasha is the Associate Managing Director and Chief of Staff of Arizona State University Vietnam Representative Office.

Ranked the past four years by US News and World Report as the #1 most innovative university in America, ASU is the largest comprehensive public university in America with 111,000 students and over $500M in annual research expenditures. Since 2009, ASU has been a force in Vietnam leading public-private partnerships to improve the quality of higher engineering education. These capacity projects leverage deep and diverse government-industry-academic partners that share a goal of tightly linking science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) instruction in Vietnamese higher education institutions to produce work-ready engineers and scientists. By strategically working with industry and government partners, we extend ASU research, faculty and programs to support the development of a world class and competitive workforce and technology innovation ecosystem for Vietnam. To date, over 10,000 Vietnamese faculty have been trained at ASU in Arizona and in Vietnam with many programs achieving peer-evaluated regional and international level accreditation creating sustainable quality and assessment systems to validate student learning outcomes are achieved.

Since 2016, Sasha directs the ASU Vietnam project operations and leads a portfolio of education innovation and workforce development projects working closely with the public and private sectors. Before joining the ASU Vietnam team, Sasha was the global portfolio manager in the ASU International Development Office where she led the strategic development of new grants, project management, processes innovation and relationship management. In this role, she led technical project activities in Brazil, El Salvador and Kenya.

Sasha graduated from Arizona State University with BA in Global Studies and Master’s in Sustainability Leadership with research focused on strategies for corporate social responsibility programs. As a former collegiate track and field athlete, Sasha enjoys running, hiking and traveling.


Innovation Group Leader

Robert T. Connolly – General Director, Crossroads Management Consulting Co, Ltd

Robert (Bob) Connolly’s credentials include an EdD in Leadership, an MBA in International Business and Finance, and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska (USA), Dr. Connolly moved to Vietnam in 2004 where he teaches Business and Finance classes at several universities. As General Director of Crossroads Management Consulting, he assists clients with Leadership Development and Barriers to Innovation.

He has worked in several industries including Mortgage Banking, Electronics Manufacturing, and Education. At various times, he has been responsible for project management, financial modeling,
business unit reviews and budgeting, consulting, international business and market development.

While completing his Doctorate of Education in Leadership, the basis of his research was the study of the barriers to innovation. He continues to pursue research and activities to better understand how
Vietnamese business leaders overcome barriers to changes required to compete internationally.

Student Well-being Group Leader

Lester Stephens – Head of School, International School Saigon Pearl

Mr. Stephens graduated from Massey University (New Zealand), where he took the Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education and Teaching and currently is the Head of School at International School Saigon Pearl, one branch of Cognita Group – a global private schools group that is committed to create an inspiring world of education.

Prior to joining ISSP, Mr Stephens was holding the position as Deputy Head of Primary for Australian International School in Singapore, where he worked for more than 5 years in his professional career. He took responsibility for administrative tasks, pastoral care, curriculum implementation, leading and facilitating professional development, ICT implementation of a new VLE, as well as being an active member of local and regional initiatives to support student welfare and learning.  He also brought with his wealth of teaching and leadership experience before through his teaching and leadership roles in several primary schools in New Zealand from 2008 to 2012.

During his career, he has created many links with professional organisations to ensure the needs of all children are catered for appropriately. He worked closely with University of Waikato where he was regularly seconded as a lecturer, presenting on Curriculum Integration to trainee teachers, while mentoring many beginning teachers. He also provided professional direction for experienced teachers in the area of welfare and curriculum. Being passionate about education and encouraging children to reach their full potential, Mr Stephens believes that it is important to educate the whole child and encourage children to explore their learning through artistic, cultural and sporting areas as well as through the academic curriculum.


Workforce Development Group Leader

Robert Sherwood – Director of Advancement, American Education Group (AEG)

Mr. Robert Sherwood has spent the last 11 years in Vietnam working in the fields of Media, Marketing/PR and Education. During that time he worked as Chief of Business Operations and Business Director for Vietnam Financial Review (VFR) and the Finance and Business News Channel (FBNC), respectively. He was also a communications and/or strategy consultant for a range of organizations including Ogilvy and Mather, Vingroup, Viet Partners Bank, Vert, and KOTO. Robert is currently the Director of Advancement for AEG Vietnam. He holds a degree in Philosophy from Linfield College and is a STEM Certifier under AdvancED.

The Committee meeting is organised monthly and open for members only.

Please visit to get meeting agenda and register online in advance.







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