AmCham Power & Engery Committee


To develop a functioning private sector in the Energy Sector focusing on clean energy, LNG and energy efficiency markets Vietnam, that will assist the implementation of the greenhouse gas emissions targets of the Vietnam INDC and its Green Growth Strategy.

To promote transparency and competitiveness, to create low cost sustainable energy supplies, with the most appropriate and sustainable modern technologies while protecting those living below the social pyramid.

To facilitate request for support from the Ministry of Planning and Investment on Climate Finance Acceleration, Communist Party Central Economic Commission on Masterplan #8 and MOIT on DPPA and other market stimulating measures.

To professionalize the work of the Power and Energy with a full-time think tank with $200,000 year funding with other Chambers


John Rockhold – Chair

Gavin Smith – Vice chair

Ginny Foote – Vice chair

Nguyen Thanh Hai – Legal Advisor

Luong Hung – Executive Director and Advocacy

Position paper



Strategic Planning support to the Government of Vietnam in implementing their strategy of private sector involvement in the power and energy sector.

To engage with the Government of Vietnam in the process of developing a Power Development Plan (Masterplan) #8 beginning quarter 1 2019 and continuing to 2020.


Made in Vietnam Energy Plan 2.0

Market Assessment (Vietnam, SE Asia comparative data),

Commercial Finance Map (what is available to do what, at what price and under what conditions),

Legal and policy support, what are the best practices in ASEAN and the world showing results.

Retail Energy Pricing Assessment (measuring consumer price sensitivity, electricity needs and concerns)

Climate Finance Resources Map (what concessional funds are available to promote the private sector engagement in sustainable energy)

Consensus Promotion by leveraging VBF’s existing relationships in MOIT (ERAV, EREA), MPI (the office of the NDA),

MONRE, MOF, MOC, The Central Economics Committee of the Communist Party and the National Assembly

2019 plan, please find details here


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