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Intel Vietnam Study Abroad Program 2012 – 2014 • Engineering Women of Tomorrow

2012-2014 Academic Years at Portland State University, USA

Student Information Pack and Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please click here Program Announcement (English) or Program Announcement (Vietnamese)

1. What is the Intel Vietnam Study Abroad Program-Engineering Women of Tomorrow?

This is a unique opportunity for Third- and Fourth-year Vietnamese Engineering students, especially female students, in excellent standing to complete their Bachelors of Science in Engineering at Portland State University (PSU) in the United States and, upon graduation, return to Vietnam to start exciting engineering careers at Intel’s Assembly/Test facility in Ho Chi Minh City. Intel and PSU will select among the best and brightest undergraduate students in Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, and Computer Engineering to become Intel Vietnam Scholars in the U.S. These graduates will become professional engineers with one of the most respected companies in the world. If you are selected to go through this program, you will play a pioneering role in helping Intel grow and thrive in this fast-changing economy. With Intel, you will have a hand in creating a semiconductor assembly-test industry in Vietnam, plus you will progress and prosper in your career.

2. We’ve heard that the program will also be open to students interested in supply chain careers. Is that true?
Yes, we do have two scholarships available for Vietnamese Third- and Fourth-year students in excellent standing to complete their Bachelors degrees in Business Administration – Supply & Logistics Management. Most of the scholarship opportunities will, however, be in the field of engineering.

3. Is this only open to women or can men apply too?
Intel is a company that values diversity, because we know first-hand that the more diverse your employees are, the better your solutions will be. All around the world where we operate, we encourage more girls and women to pursue Math, Science & Technology degrees and careers. Here in Vietnam, we see a real shortage of females in these areas, and we want to do something about that. Intel has aggressive goals for recruiting Technical Females, and Intel Vietnam Study Abroad Program is a part of how we intend to meet those goals. To this end, although all applicants are welcomed to apply, we are strongly encouraging female students to apply for these scholarships.

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