We want to do business with some US companies in USA but we not know about them clearly. Could you please help us to get more information about thess companies as follows:

1/ Is this a true Company in USA?
2/ Is this a good company and we can belive to making relationship between?
3/ Is their finance OK and haven’t any bookmark on list of US chamber?
4/ Any more information about the company.

This is first time for us to do business with a US company so we do not have much experience and really need your help. Thanks for your assistance!


Here are convenient sources for you to use when looking for business-related information about companies in the USA.

1. Dun & Bradstreet

This should be your first step. Dun & Bradstreet has a very long history of providing credit, financial, and operations background information on companies. There is a fee for this information. Their Business Information Report on over 100 million companies worldwide provides information on the company overview, history and operations, payments, banking and finance, public filings. Click here for a Sample Business Information Report

You should consider registering your company on D&B so that your business partners will have confidence in doing business with you.

2. Thomas Register

The most comprehensive resource for industrial information, products, services, CAD drawings, and more. The information provided includes general business information, as well as technical product information.

3. Maps and Directions for Companies

4. AmCham Member Legal Service Firms

AmCham Member Legal Service firms in Ho Chi Minh City can check with their branches or associates in the USA to provide you information. There may be a fee for this service. Here is a list of our Legal Service firms:

AmCham Member Legal Service Firms

Good luck in developing your business and trade and investment between Vietnam and the United States!