TPP vs. RCEP: A new Washington-Beijing tug-of-war?


How the Thai government navigates the contest between the United States and China in the economic sphere will be a litmus test of Thailand’s diplomatic and political skills.

Thailand has shown “interest” in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is also a member of the new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

The US is the engine behind the TPP, which doesn’t include China. The RCEP has China as a major founding member, and the US isn’t part of that new regional scheme.

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China + One = Vietnam and ASEAN

Geostrategic Importance

ASEAN''s Strategic Location on International Ocean Trade RoutesASEAN’s geostrategic importance stems from many factors, including: the strategic location of member countries, the large shares of global trade that pass through regional waters, and the alliances and partnerships which the United States shares with ASEAN member states.

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We, Mar 7, Business Lunch: FDI in Vietnam in 2012

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Event background

To facilitate foreign investors with foreign direct investments (FDI) in Vietnam in year 2012, in this Presentation, Partner Bui Ngoc Hong will

  • review the key legislation on FDI (including newly set-up businesses and Mergers & Acquisition);
  • brief the most faced challenges (and the respective solutions) for investors making FDI in Vietnam; and
  • highlight some of the opportunities that may present themselves to FDI investors in 2012.


12:00 pm Registration and Refreshments
12:30 pm Lunch is served
13:00 pm Introduction and Presentation, followed by Q&A
13:30 pm Event Ends

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Social Media: Online Safety for Children

AmCham is co-hosting a Breakfast Briefing on Friday, 16th March @ Park Hyatt Saigon – Registration: 8:00AM. The topic is “Social Media – Online Safety for Children” presented by Linda Fogg Phillips. Co-hosts: BBGV, CanCham. Event sponsor: International School HCMC

Ticket cost: VND800,000 for Member & Co-host, VND1,000,000 for Non-Member.

Parents and teachers of AusCham’s member schools will receive our members’ price when booking. We look forward to welcoming you at the event.

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Reception: Dr. Rita Colwell, U.S. Science Envoy for S & SE Asia, Feb 8

When: Wed, Feb 8th 2012 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: New World Saigon Hotel, 76 Le Lai Street, District 1

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Event Background

The U.S. Science Envoy program is to promote U.S. global engagement in science and technology, deepen existing ties and foster new relationships with international counterparts and gain insights from other nations about potential areas of collaboration that will help address global challenges and achieve shared goals.

Among her other activities while in Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Colwell will participate in a roundtable at the HCM City University of Technical Education on the topic: Universities as Engines of Growth: How Government and Industry Can Support University-led Innovation, which will allow for discussion of how governments and industry can support critical university-led research and development. The United States has a strong history of such support, and Dr. Colwell has direct experience and expertise in the area. Key stakeholders from government, industry, and the university community will attend.

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We, Nov 16 Morning Briefing: Making Arbibration Work for You

When: Wed, Nov 16th 2011 8:00 am to 9:30 am
Where: Renaissance Riverside Hotel, 8-15 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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Event Background

Making Arbitration Work for You: Practical Considerations in Implementing the New Commercial Arbitration Framework

The speaker will discuss:

• Advantages and disadvantages of use of foreign litigation or foreign arbitration for settlement of disputes in Vietnam
• Use of ad hoc arbitration
• Practical considerations when selecting an arbitrator, and how to challenge a biased arbitrator
• How to quickly obtain interim relief to protect your interests in arbitration proceedings
• How to protect your confidentiality during arbitration; and consumer’s option to proceed with arbitration or not

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United States Details China and India Subsidy Programs in Submission to WTO

Washington, D.C. Oct 6, 2011. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced today that the United States has submitted information to the World Trade Organization (WTO) identifying nearly 200 subsidy programs that China has failed to notify as required under WTO rules. Information was also submitted on 50 subsidy programs in India not previously notified. Through these actions at the WTO, the United States is seeking the prompt provision of detailed information and data from China and India regarding the operation of these subsidy programs.

“The situation was simply intolerable,” said Ambassador Kirk. “Every member of the WTO is required to come clean on its subsidy programs on a regular basis. China has not notified its subsidy programs in over five years. India only recently filed its first notification in almost ten years, and even then notified only three of the many subsidy programs we know to exist. Because China and India have failed to meet their respective obligations, we had to act, as we are entitled to under the WTO rules, and provide the voluminous information we have developed regarding subsidy programs in these two countries.”

Under WTO rules, every Member is obligated to submit information about all of its subsidy programs on a regular basis. This information is required so that Members may assess the nature and extent of the subsidy programs of others. The notification obligation is particularly significant for Members like China, where inadequate transparency in so many areas places a tremendous burden on other WTO Members seeking to better understand China’s trade policy measures. China has submitted only one subsidies notification since becoming a WTO Member in December 2001. That notification took place more than five years ago and was noticeably incomplete. In the last ten years, India has submitted only one notification, which was also noticeably incomplete. Previously, over the course of numerous meetings of the WTO Subsidies Committee, the United States has requested that China and India make full notifications of all of their subsidy programs.

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RSVP The Best Global Brands, Tue, Oct 11

When: Tue, Oct 11th 2011 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Where: New World Hotel Saigon

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RSVP: Fri, Oct 7 Members Lunch: Vietnam 2011 – Declining Consumer Nation

Members Lunch: Vietnam 2011 – Declining Consumer Nation

WHEN: Fri, Oct 7 from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
WHERE: New World Saigon Hotel

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Event Background:

Ralf MatthaesFor the 7th annual AMCHAM Consumer Trends Luncheon, Ralf Matthaes, Regional Managing Director of TNS will provide his annual overview of the Vietnam’s consumer and economic landscape.

Considering towering inflation, huge interest rates and declining FDI, come and discover how Vietnam’s consumer outlook, behavior and purchasing habits are changing compared to Vietnam’s past 10 years of double digit growth. Key topics covered include consumer data through September 2011 such as: consumer confidence, sector spend increase – decline , the true story of luxury goods, changing spending habits and priorities, evolution of wealth – rich man-poor man analysis, shopping habits / frequency and purchase basket analysis, shifting media habits, economic comparison of 2010-2011, and 2012 forecast.

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Th, Sep 15 Real Estate Networking Night: The Vietnam Industrial Property Sector

WHEN: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm
WHERE: New World Hotel Saigon

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The Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City (Bitexco)

Gold Sponsor Real Estate Networking Night

Event Background

Join us for our exclusive Industrial market focused event and receive an update on the Vietnam’s National Industrial market from Vietnam’s only dedicated Industrial Real Estate agency team, CBRE, and Mapletree Logistics, Vietnam’s largest logistics warehousing provider in HCM City. The focus of the event will be two-fold: (1) in terms of a real estate market overview and (2) what we are seeing in both the manufacturing and logistics sector in Vietnam today.

CBRE, will provide a presentation and discussion about Vietnam’s emergence into the regional / global spotlight as a cost-effective manufacturing location. As the cost of doing business in China continues to soar and regional instability in markets such as Thailand and Japan continues, CBRE will address the hot topics such and provide its own firsthand accounts:

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