Weekly Update Sep 22: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, AmCham Palooza, AmCham Scholarship

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Weather in Vietnam and Western Pacific: satellite photos, typhoon forecasts, etc. Aug-Sep-Oct are the main months of the “West Pacific Typhoon Season.” Click the link for an update. Tropical storm forecast to pass S of Hong Kong We, Sep 24 as a Cat 2 or 3 typhoon (winds to 95-100 knots) and N of Hanoi by Fr, Sep 26 as a Tropical Storm (winds to 55 knots) or as a Tropical Depression (20 knots). Storm tracks can and do change.

Upcoming Events and Activities (next few weeks)

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U.S. Citizens: Register to Vote at the Official U.S. Govt Web Site for Overseas Voters: Online Voter Registration and Ballot Delivery. New system simplifies and accelerates voter registration and request for absentee ballot. As of Tue, Sep 09, there are 56 days (8 weeks) remaining until the U.S. Election Day on Nov 4.

Local residents/expats: experience AN EXCLUSIVE 3-NIGHT VACATION PACKAGE at the award-winning Nam Hai Bask in the sun, swim in glorious pools, relax at the spa and indulge in a renowned chef’s culinary masterpieces, starting at just $ 1,000++. This limited offer includes complimentary breakfast for two, airport transfers for two, and your choice of a $ 100 Food & Beverage credit or a 60-minute deluxe spa treatment. Click the link for info and to make reservation. Your ultimate escape awaits …

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Weekly Update 2006-10-09 PNTR – Apparel is key; Typhoon relief efforts.

Keep up-to-date about U.S.-Vietnam trade and investment relations

AmCham Networking Events
Mark your calendar for Oct 11 AmCham Members Night and many other AmCham events in October and November. Please click the link to make sure you are aware of the many networking opportunities. We try to schedule lunches so that you can get in and out easily between 12:00 and 1:30 pm, on your lunch hour.

Sec 911 – Housing cost amount eligible for exclusion or deduction
The U.S. Treasury Department issued a notice concerning housing costs eligible for exclusion or deduction by U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents receiving overseas earned income.

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