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Commercial contract negotiations are actions to determine a contract’s practicability and relevant legal consequences.

This process is critical, as even a small misunderstanding or error could seriously impact your company’s interests. The effects of improper contract negotiation and formation may include contract invalidity, loss of time and cost for dispute resolution, the compromise of business prestige, and even substantial lost compensation. Therefore, it is better to enter this process with full knowledge of the rules and potential consequences.

This event will present pitfalls in contract negotiation and performance, commercial sanctions, and common disputes as well as evaluate acceptable or unacceptable risks in contract negotiation.

The event will focus on:

· Contract forms;

· Pitfalls, risks and evaluation of risks in contract negotiation and performance;

· Commercial sanctions;

· Dispute resolution; and

· Case studies.

Who are the appropriate participants?

  • Directors and managers;
  • In-house counsels; and
  • Others


08:30 AM Registration & Refreshment
09:00 AM Welcome Remarks
09:10 AM Presentation and Q&A
10:30 AM Event ends


AmCham Members: VND 650,000 | Non-members: VND 800,000

Reservations/cancellations must be received by 24 hours before the event, and must be made on-line or by email. We are unable to accept reservations/cancellations by telephone.


Stephen Le Hoang Chuong, Senior Litigator, Le & Tran

Stephen Le is the senior litigator of Le & Tran. He is excellent in business litigation, criminal proceedings, bankruptcy law and judgement enforcement. He is endorsed as a disputes star and a formidable litigator by 30 global corporations and highly ranked by Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, Benchmark Litigation and AsiaLaw Profiles.


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