Vietnam, U.S. team up for food safety

The High Quality Việt Nam Products Business Association, the American Chamber of Commerce in Việt Nam and the Washington-based Global Food Safety Forum signed a memorandum of understanding on co-operation in food safety.  The US imports 15% of its food, 20% of vegetables, 50% of fruit and 80% of seafood, according to the U.S. FDA, which has established an International Food Safety Capacity Building Plan to train foreign governments and food producers on U.S. requirements for food safety.

Herb Cochran, AmCham executive director, called food safety an issue of concern in both Việt Nam and the US. “The first objective of the MOU is to help Vietnamese companies join global food supply chains under the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) International Food Safety Capacity Building Plan,” he said.

The second objective is to help improve Vietnam’s Food Safety. The US FDA will provide “training of foreign governments and food producers on US requirements for safe food. To reach our objectives, we will arrange delegation visits to the US and Việt Nam, workshop and town hall meetings, websites in English and Vietnamese, Internet-based training programmes targeting company managers, technicians, and official representatives from safety regulatory agencies, special on-site training at Vietnamese companies.”

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Vietnam, U.S. team up for food safety, Vietnam News, Jan 19, 2017

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Thủy hải sản vào Mỹ phải có nhãn nguồn, Thời báo Kinh tế SàiGòn, 17/01/2017

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