Regular monthly meeting of the Logistics and Transportation Committee for networking, information-sharing, and planning advocacy efforts to improve the business environment and promote trade and investment between Vietnam and the U.S.


  1. Logistics and Transportation Committee – 2019 topics: Please expect an email from us to invite you to join a survey for 2019 topics
  2. VLA White Book Introdcution: VLA will also provide each participant a hard copy of VLA White Book at the meeting.
  3. EUROCHAM TLSC and AMCHAM Logistics review:
    1. The TLSC 2019 schedule
    2. The EUROCHAM white book TLSC input
    3. Proposal ref a joint E-commerce working party
  4. Recap of the USAID meeting
  1. Committee Event:Possible discussion about another event in the Spring, maybe an April timeframe

About Logistics and Transportation Committee:

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